Pandemonium PvE-C

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Hostname Pandemonium Multi-Map: Exiled Lands [2x] [PvE-C]
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 13 / 100
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map The Exiled Lands
Registered by Mijin
Registered since December 5th, 2023 07:23 PM EST
Last update April 19th, 2024 07:26 PM EST
Tag(s) Community Hardcore Purist

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About This Server

Pandemonium Multi-Server | PVE-C | US EAST

Indisputably the best preforming servers period. - One of our servers alone is in the top 7 on Battle Metrics, not even including the second.

Two Dedicated Servers
2x Harvest
Free Speech Policy
Exiled Lands Map and Siptah

Light Mods:

Amunets Server Transfer
DungeonMasterTools Continued
Happy Little Trees
Less Building Restrictions
Barbarian Barber
Grim's Wonderbody Reupload
Aphrodite Water
Juilla's Crabby Fashion
"Gothic" Building Set
Sand and Stone Building Set
Tot! Sudo
Tot! Hud
Tot! Admin
Tot! Custom

Our small modlist was carefully selected and tested to add cosmetic and building features to the game as well as administrative tools. Nothing changes the core gameplay, and anything within them that would has been blocked out. There are no OP items from mods etc.


• Now featuring a second server with Siptah!
Very Active community. We are a very active multi-map server cluster.
• Each map runs on its own dedicated server. Both servers run on Intel Core i9-10850K's with 64GB DDR4 RAM and a 1TB NVME SSD with 1Gbps Ports and a total of 50TB BW with DDoS Protections. Because of this we are almost certainly the most powerful server cluster around.
• PVP is active seven days a week, Exlied Lands - through , and Siptah - through . Building damage always remains off. (Times displayed here are automatically adjusted to your local time zone).
• No wipes.
• You can move between the two maps with your same character and inventory.
• Points Reward System: Earn gold for being logged in and use the in-game shops, or set up your own shop to earn more.
• Teleport system with portals available.
• Events: Multiple PVP tournaments per month, hidden monster hunts, treasure hunts, custom bosses with customs drops, Conquest Chests (fight over loot), and other events.
• We have some light RP elements with the custom NPCs in the game for those who enjoy that.
• Custom bosses: much more of a challenge, much more reward.
• Improved loot from dungeons, purges, and the new NPC raid.
• Players here have access to various objects through DMT mod that are typically admin only like placeable trees, prefabricated houses like the ones in sep and mounds, and many more objects.
• Modified loot: Purges, dungeons, and al-Merayah have access to better and unique rewards.
• Active Admins we're on everyday. If you have a problem we are pretty much the only server were you will actually get support.


Opposed to the official server moderation style; we're not the social justice police.
No bans for words, but zero tolerance for cheating.

The server started on 9/16/23 and is run by my wife (Wembley) and I. We're both active and play every day. We pretty much stay out of your business unless you need help. We have a mixed group of very experienced players, hard core PvPers, and casuals. We have a friendly atmosphere mostly, and even with PvP on part of the day everyday there hasn't been much drama.

Direct Connect info:
Pandemonium Multi-Map: Exiled Lands:
Pandemonium Multi-Map: Siptah:

To switch between servers use the teleportation device in each server's respective teleport hub that can be found by entering portals spread throughout the map.


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