Lands of Tyranny

Lands of Tyranny
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Hostname Lands of Tyranny 2.0 - Dark Fantasy RP
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About This Server

An immersive, hardcore RP server with engaging lore and longstanding story lines.
Purely Dice-Based Conflict.

We are a dark fantasy, RP-intense server committed to engaging lore, immersion, believable characters, and character development through longstanding stories. Our custom world is inspired by the lore of Tyranny (RPG), The Witcher, and real world ancient history.

In this setting, a single Empire of Humans has control over the known world. Only a few of the most remote and unimportant areas, plus the Underworld, still enjoy some form of independence. Elves and Dwarves are marginalized, victimized subjects, while every other non-human race is fighting for its very survival. The world is hostile and dangerous: everyone's life is at the whim of one of the Emperor's loyal, merciless representatives, who show their good face to the upstanding citizens of the empire through its young religion, but surround themselves with blood and cruelty.

With no farming necessary and free access to building and cosmetics, you can immediately jump into RP! Join us in creating stories where characters explore and compete over power, resources, and land. Watch as they side with the conquerors and fight for the Emperor, or fight for the survival of their culture and species!

What’s Unique About Lands of Tyranny?
Lands of Tyranny’s in-depth, original lore offers:
🔸 Stories that are rich with themes of authority, oppression, and power dynamics
🔸 Distinct cultural and religious history for all races and factions, which drive character motivations and create tensions
🔸 Reasons to engage in social and covert “cloak and dagger” antagonism against other races and factions
🔸 Hundreds of pages of deep, engaging, fully original writing

Lands of Tyranny’s lore and systems encourage roleplay that has:
🔸 Various options for defeating opponents to further stories rather than immediately resulting in character and story deaths
🔸 Clans based around factions in lore (government positions, military orders, a mercenary group, etc.) with distinct motivations and rich histories
🔸 Encounters with magical, rare races that feel special because characters are actually rare and have reasons to be secretive
🔸 Frequent trade interactions between characters of different crafting professions

Our Core Values
🔸 Immersiveness
🔸 Zero grinding - jump straight into RP after character creation
🔸 Continuity of stories (e.g.: no lore/character wipes, PK only as a last resort, long-term characters)
🔸 Striving for a friendly environment, where IC conflict does not lead to OOC conflict

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