The Hidden Realm - X3 -[EEWA/AOC/VAM/UnderWorld/LVL600

Server Information
Hostname The Hidden Realm - X3 - [EEWA/AOC/VAM/UNDERWORLD/LVL600
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 10 / 20
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map The Exiled Lands
Registered by Corvina
Registered since January 6th, 2023 09:15 AM EST
Last update March 31st, 2024 07:35 AM EST
Tag(s) Community PvE Relaxed

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About This Server

Welcome to the Hidden Realm, where adventure awaits! This is a place where the impossible becomes possible and the bounds of reality are pushed to their limits. Here, you have the opportunity to explore and settle in 5 separate mystical worlds, each brimming with untold riches and perilous dangers. Travel between these realms is made possible by the use of four ancient Obelisks, connected and acting as gateways.

Explore sprawling lands waiting to be claimed and uncover secrets hidden in the shadows. Build new settlements and forge your own path in these undiscovered lands, filled with mysterious creatures, ancient artifacts, and powerful spells waiting to be discovered. The sky's the limit as you broaden your horizons and journey through these worlds. Join us on our quest to uncover the secrets of these hidden realms and make your mark on history!

Come and join our online multi gaming community!

Features -
• 5 servers you can transfer between
• Event Map - PVP enabled - no drop on death
• Active admins
• Very friendly & active community
* Custom magic quests including classes (Underworld Arcana)
* Custom Guilds for buying and selling to make pippi gold
* Weekend XP/Harvest Rate boosts
* A guide to the hidden realm for new players
• 40 Slots
• Starter kits
• Daily claim kits
• Daily Rewards
• Daily & Weekly kits for patrons
• Easy/hard mode pve arena for levelling
• Daily pve arena challenge
• Portal room
• Admin hub
• Player thespian market
• Set home/ tpr enabled
• Custom ascension system with BIG rewards
• Lots of custom quests
• Daily quests for pippi gold
• Underworld events/boss raids
• Custom dungeons on all maps!
• Level 600
• Don’t lose items on death
• No building decay
• Flying mounts and shapeshifts
• Mythic/Underworld damage kits
& SO much more!

• Exiled Lands USA - The Hidden Realm -X3 - [EEWA/AOC/VAM/UnderWorld/LVL600


• Siptah USA - The Hidden Realm - X3 - [EEWA/AOC/VAM/UnderWorld/LVL600


• Savage Wilds USA - The Hidden Realm - X3 - [EEWA/AOC/VAM/UNDERWORLD/LVL600


• Underworld - The Hidden Realm - X3 - [EEWA/AOC/VAM/Underworld/LVL600


• Event Map


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