PC Hotfix (05.09.2019)

Posted on September 5th, 2019 07:25 AM EST
Hey everybody,

We wanted to get this hotfix out as soon as possible to address some of the issues reported after Update 37. We're still working on additional fixes for fatal error crashes and other problems our community has been sending us feedback about.

Thanks again for your support.

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.

Currently Known Issues
  • We're aware and actively looking into additional crashing issues with inventories and certain crafting stations. We aim to release a fix for this as soon as we can.

  • Fixed a crash that would happen randomly when the game was loading item data.

  • The Recipe for Hardened Steel Bars have changed: Now it requires 1x Steel Bar + 1x Black Ice
  • Fixed an issue where Exceptional and Flawless Items could be crafted without having the correct feat unlocked.

  • The Annihilator weapon has been rebalanced and no longer has 100% armor penetration.

  • Fixed several issues regarding the Oil items.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soothing buff would grant too much health regeneration.
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