Blog Feed en Tue, 06 Feb 2024 14:12 CET is a Conan Exiles servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Age of War: Chapter 3 Hotfix (2024.02.06) Tue, 06 Feb 2024 14:12 CET

  • Resolved a memory leak affecting some servers
  • Fixed a server crash involving an interaction with pillars and ceiling pieces
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit

  • Spit Roast Campfire now has a thrall slot

  • Avatars once again take damage as intended

  • Fixed an issue where the camera was incorrectly snapping to a dead target after they had been killed while locked on
Share Your Thoughts in Our Player Survey Mon, 22 Jan 2024 15:11 CET
As we always say, your feedback is extremely important to us, and we’re always looking to improve our ways of making sure it’s heard.

As the team works hard on what’s coming in 2024, we want to hear your thoughts on Chapter 3.

We read as much online feedback as we can across all our channels, but player surveys are a great framework to get opinions on specific topics, while also getting feedback from people who do not usually leave comments.

Your thoughts genuinely make a difference to the ongoing development of Conan Exiles, so if you want us to hear you loud and clear, please take a few minutes to go through our player survey:


We plan on doing many more surveys like this and are excited to see the results.

Slay and Survive, Exiles]]>
From the Producer's Desk - 2023 in Review Fri, 19 Jan 2024 20:14 CET

Greetings Exiles:

It’s 2024 and time we looked back at some achievements and challenges for Conan Exiles in 2023. Your ongoing support drives our efforts to develop fresh content for the game. Let’s look back at the year’s highlights and some of the hurdles we’re determined to overcome.

Five Years of Adventure 2023 was a big deal here as we celebrated the 5th Launch Anniversary of Conan Exiles on May 8. This marked half a decade since we’ve been developing content and playing this game together. Our journey, including our Steam Early Access launch, now spans over six years – a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and your continued support.

Switching to the Age system back in 2022 was a huge decision, and this past year has shown the advantages of constant releases and a regular cadence.

In 2023, we wrapped up Age of Sorcery with its 3rd chapter and released Age of War – Chapter 1 along with its 2nd and 3rd Chapters. You’ve tested your skills against Kurak as well as the Stygian Legion, and you’ve expanded your settlements with Clan Hoards, Emblems, and now Taverns. You’ve bolstered your defenses with Golems and guard stations so you could withstand the full wrath of revamped Purges, and even took the fight to the enemy in the Siege of al-Merayah.

This amount of content, coupled with updates to existing core features like Combat and the Journey System, has all been possible to develop and add to the game for free thanks to the Age and Chapter system.

This community’s creativity and passion were remarkable in 2023, and the team appreciates all you do immensely. We’re thrilled to roll out our new Creator Program and would like to thank our amazing content creators who joined up and made videos, guides, streams, and communities that shape the Exiled Lands. The Mystic Masterpieces Art Contest and Yogtoberfest Halloween Screenshot Contest showcased some amazing talent, and we’re constantly in awe of all the spirit and dedication of our modding community. You’re all an inspiration!

Despite these successes, we faced some challenges as well. We recognize that some of our releases have not been as smooth as we would like and affected your experience. Recently, the launch of Age of War Chapter 3 was hampered by some significant issues that needed urgent attention. This is not acceptable, and we are implementing steps to ensure each update meets your expectations, such as managing scope more effectively and improved testing procedures.

As we continue the journey into 2024, our commitment to you is as strong as ever: For one, performance and optimization is a constant focus, and we are committed to keeping a focus on console performance and game optimization.

To improve our communication further, we are also starting a new initiative to run player surveys after each Chapter release, the first of which arriving next week.

We have tons more new content and features planned, as well as Quality of Life improvements you’ve been asking for, to ensure that Conan Exiles continues to be the game you love and the community you can never get enough of.

We can’t wait to share all this with you over the coming months, beginning with the Age of War – Chapter 4, arriving in Q1 2024.

Thank you for your continued support, enthusiasm, and feedback. Here’s to an even more adventurous 2024!

Warm Regards

Rodney W. Harper

Project Director, Conan Exiles]]>
Age of War Chapter 3 Hotfix 2 Patch Notes (2024.01.16) Tue, 16 Jan 2024 14:01 CET

  • Removed a method for creating floating ceilings
  • Addressed several undermesh locations and a method for travel from undermesh bases

  • New server setting: BuildingValidationEnabled (true/false) - false by default
  • Setting this to “true” will upon server startup destroy any building piece with no stability
  • Note to server admins: consider carefully whether to turn this on or not, and perhaps testing locally first, as constructions made before more recent bug fixes might be impacted

  • Yamatai Floor Pillow is now located in the “Decorative” category in the construction hammer menu to avoid confusion about functionality
  • Armor display stands now correctly show the armors’ dyed looks
  • Armor display stands no longer turn partially invisible upon loading
  • Female armor display stand once again reflects gravity
  • Vanir Chieftain Hammer now displays correctly on a display rack

  • Dead Leg and The Glasser now correctly requires an improved workbench (or better) to be crafted

  • Jhebbal Sag is no longer invulnerable to projectile attacks

  • Camels can now be placed in stables
  • Prisoners rescued from cages on Isle of Siptah will no longer be ungrateful and just walk away
  • Thralls now consistently turn to face their enemies before taking a swing at them
  • Thralls assigned to bar stools (and other less important objects) now return to their correct position after a bar fight (and other less important activities)

  • Purge Demolishers have been toned down

  • The Siege of al-Merayah
  • Fixed a condition where the siege would not reset properly
  • Resets no longer keeps additional surviving defenders around for next time
  • Vanquishing Commander Bak-Nimlot now provides less XP
  • Commander Bak-Nimlot is now always audible over other sounds
  • Added a short delay on the final fanfareVoidforge weapons no longer disappear from corpses on Isle of Siptah
  • Purge bases will no longer spawn outside the Curse Wall
  • The “Craft a trap” journey step now resolves when placing a trap using the construction hammer
  • Fixed visual on Corsair Cutlass basket-hilt when viewed from a bit farther away

  • Data Collection Policy prompt will now open in a browser if Steam Overlay is disabled
  • Setting for auto-facing on attack removed as it was no longer used
Conan Displates Are Here! Join the Giveaway! Mon, 18 Dec 2023 17:00 CET

Available now for the first time ever, decorate your walls and celebrate your love of Conan with Displates! Whether you’re a fan of Conan Exiles, the Conan comic books, or just the man with the muscle, there are plenty of metal posters to choose from.

Check them out here: {LINK REMOVED}

While you’re here, enter and get a chance to win 1 of 7 free Conan Displates (17.7 x 12.6 size) through our Gleam giveaway! Follow the link here, get a couple of tickets in, and try your luck. You have until January 5th, 2024 to enter.

May fortune come your way, Exile!]]>
Age of War – Chapter 3 Is Now Available! Thu, 14 Dec 2023 14:02 CET
The Age of War – Chapter 3 Update is here! The time to truly test your steel has come.  

Will you bring down the walls of your enemy or break yourself against them? 

The Siege of al-Merayah 

For the first time, PvE players will know the thrill of razing what their enemies have built to the ground. Stygia has consolidated their might into a fully destructible fortress built atop the ruins of al-Merayah. In the top chamber of the central keep, surrounded by his ill-gotten riches, the Commander of the Stygian invasion awaits your challenge. How you reach him is up to you! 

Open Your Tavern 

Craft the bar counter, rescue the barkeep, and open a tavern where legends are born. Patrons from all over the Exiled Lands will visit, and for the right price, they will even follow you. The barkeep has their ear to the ground, and knows how to reach people. Speak to them to summon important contacts like Isscar the Sellsword, who will provide valuable items for sale. 

Battle Pass & Bazaar Cosmetics 

New cosmetic building pieces, decorations, pets, armors, weapons, emotes, emblems and more have arrived in the Chapter 3 Battle Pass and Bazaar! Rule your own wooden longhouse with the expanded Aesir building set, and make your tavern unique with new Vanir and Yamatai-themed decorations. Before employing your battle tactics in the field, test the sharpness of your wit with the massive new chessboard. 


Conan frowns upon flimsy paper posters! But Displates... that’s another story entirely. In the event of an attack, you can tear this metal poster from the wall, make quick work of your enemies with a mighty jab and bash, and then – simply place it back on the wall with its magnetic pads. 

That’s right, Conan Displates are here, and available right now! Check out the selection on Displate’s Official Website. We plan on adding more designs in the future, so let us know which ones you’d love to see! 

Slay and Survive, Exiles! 

  • The new NPC Rotation System has a few lingering issues that are not yet resolved
You may occasionally find that NPC Rotation has ceased to function.
  • NPCs will occasionally enter into an unintended animation state they appear like a cowboy ready to quickdraw
  • King Ctesphon is currently misspelled as King Ctsephon.
  • Purge Demolishers do more damage than intended and can destroy structures/doors with one hit. This will be addressed in the next hotfix.
  • Performance in the new Siege Base is lower on previous generation consoles


The Siege of Al-Merayah!

  • The Stygian invasion has occupied The Ruins of Al-Merayah! A new fully destructible base has been erected in the area of al-Merayah filled with Stygian invaders
  • Use the new Battering Ram and assorted other methods (explosives, trebuchets, climbing, whatever you can imagine) to infiltrate the base and combat the Stygian army and their Commander!
  • The Battering Ram can be found inside of the Stygian al-Merayah base, as well as in Isscar’s store after he is freed from the Purge and hired from the Barkeeper!
  • Once the Commander has been defeated and all players have left the immediate proximity of the base, the entirety of the Structure and encounters will reset allowing the experience to be played through again!

Tavern and Barkeeper!

  • The Bar building piece is now unlockable from the Knowledge Tab at Level 20!
  • Free a Barkeeper from captivity in the Purge and bring him back to your Settlement as a Thrall!
  • Assign the Barkeeper to the Bar to act as a new vendor of both items and special Patron Contacts that can be hired temporarily in your base (Currently Isscar the Sellsword can be hired once freed from the Purge, look for more Special Patron Contracts to come in future updates!)
  • Once the Barkeeper is manning the Bar, randomized Patrons will begin to visit your Tavern and all nearby seats/chairs will become available for Patrons to visit and occupy
  • Some of these Patrons can be persuaded to join you as a Thrall in exchange for some gold after speaking to them should you desire their services

Misc Updates

  • New Purge Items
  • Siege Cauldrons can now have Thralls slotted into them to automate their combat functionality
  • Archer Post has been added! (Slot a thrall with a bow into this new placeable to have them act as a stationary overwatch archer)
  • Archer Post can be unlocked as a Purge Reward both as individual drops and as a schematic at higher Purge Difficulties
  • Added Camel Mounts
  • Camels can now be tamed and used as mounts
  • Baby camels should now be trainable in Stables!
  • Camels have a slightly larger inventory with 10 more slots than a horse

New Challenges

  • Place down a Mercenary Banner
  • Kill the Stygian Commander
  • Kill a Miniboss in the Stygian stronghold
  • Visit the Stygian Stronghold
  • Rescue 1 exile after a successful purge defense
  • Hire 1 Exiles at your tavern

  • New Battle Pass! Age of War Chapter 3 Battle Pass includes a complete set of placeables, armors, emotes, pets, and more, letting you personalize you brand new Tavern under the Aesir Banner!
  • New Bazaar items and rotations! Age of War Chapter 3 Bazaar includes new mounts, armours, or even new building pieces for your Aesir Stronghold! Plenty more to come, including a Yamatai Tavern, and some rumors are even talking about a pirate…
  • New Twitch Drops Campaigns & Rewards coming in the future. Keep an eye on our social media channels!

  • Rubble from War Torn Ruins set can now be placed on foundations.
  • Updated icons for War-torn Foundations to display the correct icons
  • Replacing a ceiling with Aesir Ceiling no longer results in destruction of any placeables on top of ceiling
  • Dismantling a Pyramid doorframe or door no longer results in an additional floating door.
  • Reduced weight for taxidermied animals and trophies.
  • The Stygian War Drum will now correctly align with terrain, allowed it to be placed on angled surfaces.
  • It's no longer possible to place floor decals in the exact same spot as another decal, although some overlap is allowed.
  • The Ivory War Horn and the Stygian War Drum are now placed in the "Instruments" category of placeables as intended.
  • Illusionist painting should no longer block players placing objects in front of it.
  • Added new categories to the construction hammer for several placeable types.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to build fence foundations through other foundations.
  • It should now be easier to place wooden storage boxes on top of Nordheimer shelves.
  • Fixed lance placements in weapon display racks.
  • Shields can no longer be placed on weapon display racks.
  • Rough Timber now has its own section in the construction hammer menu.
  • Rough Timber Foundations now have 10k health, just like Sandstone foundations.
  • Aesir Blacksmith bench and Turanian Camp Cook Stove now have particles and lights on them.
    Note: Only while the stations are active/running.
  • Stygian War Drum should now have a smaller contact box, and will no longer float.
  • Crystal Statue of Conan should now be returnable to inventory in singleplayer as well as dedicated server.
  • Removed “Interact” option from Medicine Jar, Mortar, Incense, and Scale placeables.
  • Adjusted placeable coin piles to prevent floating appearance and generally improve the textures.
  • The Turanian Curved Ceiling can now be placed on top of walls.
  • Players can now copy the Aesir Fence piece when using the construction hammer with the middle mouse button on PC
  • The Vendhyan Treasure Bag will now show up in the Arcane Knowledge section in Ancestral Knowledge with the other DLC treasures

  • Vendhyan Treasure Bag can now be found in the Ancestral Knowledge.
  • Reduced crafting cost for T1 Furnaces to 250 stone.
  • Increased the amount of oil from pressing items in the Fluid Press to a minimum of 2 instead of 1.
  • Reduced the amount of resources required to produce ichor in the fluid press to approximately half.
  • Most equippable items should now be possible to dismantle, even if they’re not craft-able. This includes legendary items and champion weapons.
  • Journey Steps which require crafting tools or weapons should now automatically resolve if players have tools or weapons of equal or higher tier in their inventory.
  • Added “Give All” and “Give” buttons to the Improved Dismantling Bench.
  • Items that cannot be dismantled can no longer be placed inside Dismantling Benches, making "Give All" more useful.
  • Fixed an issue where Gurnakhi Vandal armor required Medium ingredients to craft despite being a heavy armor.
  • Blood Crystal weapon crafting costs have been unified and now cost 50% of the normal main material (Iron/Star Metal) and 50% Blood Crystal.
  • Crafting The Keystone should no longer leave ghost remnants of ingredients behind.
  • Pictish Rite Dancer Footwraps are now crafted at the correct workbench.
  • Stygian Invader Armor recipe is now correctly marked as armor in the Armorer’s Bench.

  • Humanoid and Animal enemies will now rotate during their attacks to better track players when fighting
  • Reduced “Leash” or “De-Aggro” ranges for most wildlife.
  • Dungeon Creatures, Bosses, and Humanoid/Intelligent creatures have retained their former leash-ranges.
  • Enemy NPCs should no longer snap rotate towards players but instead smoothly rotate.
  • [Due to a Cease and Desist from the Jackson Estate] enemy NPCs should no longer moonwalk between attacks.
  • NPCs now use weapons with some semblance of intelligence when it comes to picking what combos to use.
  • More NPCs now also use Great-Axes, Short Swords and Claw weapons.

The following spears now have a new moveset:


Reach of the Warrior

Nkosi's Pike

Pike of Prince Kraxus

Warspear of the Black Circle

Spear of the Grey Ones

Kingslayer Polearm

  • Resurrected Corpse can no longer be affected by Bleeding and Poison status.
  • Thunnha Javelin is now marked with the "Bleed" descriptor.
  • The fist attack can no longer be unequipped. Please show your hands at all times.

  • Reduced damage modifiers for The Darfari Elite (most notably the Cannibal Brute) from x6 to x3.
  • Tamed lions are now named "Lion" and "Greater Lion" in the admin panel instead of both being named "Tamed Lion".
  • Deformed bear, Iron Hound Construct, and Zar Tiger collisions have been adjusted.
  • Armored Hyenas can now also be crafted from Striped Hyena pets.
  • Bearer Packs should no longer have invisible parts.
  • NPCs should no longer leash when an emote ends.
  • Fixed several issues where NPCs were laggy or rubber-banding when just a short distance away from the player.
  • HP and Armor Scaling should now be consistent between normal and battle pass pet variants.

  • Changed Potion of Midnight crafting location to a crafting station near the Werehyena that teaches the recipe.
This station is the only place where the Potion of Midnight can be crafted.
Previously crafted/stockpiled Potions of Midnight have been removed due to the change in how they are crafted.
  • Voidforged weapons will no longer drop as regular loot.
  • Upper damage range for variable Champion weapons reduced from 1.2 to 1.1
  • Removed the “Respawn with all loot” function from Kurak’s dungeon.
  • Legendary loot will no longer drop from the Asura and/or Sorcery Cave chests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sobek chest piece granted half of the intended health-bonus.
  • Fixed an issue where the non-epic Turanian Bandit Helm granted too much stamina.
  • [Warpaint - Boar], [Warpaint - Stygian], and [Warpaint - Bear] now require the correct type of dye instead of black dye to be crafted.
  • Removed the dismembered leg and arm from harvesting humanoids.
These items can still be obtained in other ways, but you will no longer find multiple legs and arms while harvesting dead humanoids.
  • Removed food drops from Wights.
  • Lowered cooked food drop chances from NPCs in general.
  • Cobra Alpha thralls no longer have inferior health to Giant Snake Alpha thralls
  • Giant Snake Alpha does less damage

  • Musashi's Black Blade is now appropriately black.
  • Armor Mannequin inventory has been updated so that it shares an appearance with the player character equipment window.
  • The Armor Mannequin now has a hot-swap button for changing between equipped armor sets.
  • Thralls can now be assigned to chairs.
  • Players will now be prompted with a message upon entering an invalid admin password.

  • Sorcery Pages can once again be dismantled as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where killing the Imp King did not complete the Imp King challenge.
  • Ymir’s Targe now properly grants cold resistance instead of heat resistance.
  • The Witch Doctor Mask will now drop from Darfari Witch Doctors in the Exiled Lands.
  • Characters can now teleport as normal after using the ctrl+Admin Teleport command on the map menu.
  • Explosive jars can now be triggered with arrows, and players may now perform chain explosions with multiple nearby explosive jars on PVE servers.
  • Fixed an issue where events were causing crashes when approached.
  • “Unstable ????” item no longer drops when skinning the guards of the Demonologist Witch Hunt event on the Exiled Lands map.
  • Removed double borders from several weapons that had their rarity updated.
  • Fixed an issue where several weapons dropped from the Surge would have incorrect (0) damage stats.
  • Fixed a number of weapon gameplay tags and weapon types.
  • Composite Obsidian can now be placed inside "Storage Container: Metalworking".
  • Skinning Storage container now accepts all types of hides and fur.
  • Foraging Storage container now accepts all types of seeds, vines and coral.
  • The "Vanir Chieftain Horned Helmet" no longer removes the character's facial hair while equipped.
  • Aquilonian Scout Saddle bridle now properly attaches to the head.
  • PVP/PVE Damage to Player Structures will now persist after server restart.
  • Snake pets can now be harvested, if you wanted to harvest your pet.

  • Flotsam crates should no longer appear to be floating when stuck in ice.
  • It should no longer rain in any of the Children of Jhil caves on the northeast border.
  • Fixed an issue where players could reach certain unintended spots in the Kurak Dungeon by double-jumping.
  • Missing Sepermeru bridge textures have been corrected.

  • Using the Emote “Shhhhh!” no longer distorts the left side of the character’s face
  • The 2h Spear heavy opener animation has been adjusted.

  • Removed blank categories from the Emote Wheel.
  • Removed Legendary tag from Godbreaker armor set.
  • When consuming a Fragment of Power, it will now correctly say "Knowledge point" instead of "Feat point".
  • Stygian Trebuchet Frame and Arms are now labeled correctly in game when crafting them at the Trebuchet.
  • Removed outdated loading tip about repairing items.
  • "Harvest Bloodstone" challenge is now, correctly, named "Harvest Blood Crystals".
  • Ophidian Magi Saddle should now appear under the correct Ancestral Knowledge section.
  • Removed question marks from Large and Small Treasure pile descriptions
  • “Superior Pike” has been renamed to “Blood Crystal Glaive” with updated descriptions
  • “Vendhyan Treasure Hunter” armor is no longer has the same description as “Aesir Chieftain” armor

  • Removed water sound from hitting the Turanian Stove
  • Snakes have been asked to lower their volume, and should now be quieter
Note: Even Set has gotten the memo and will temporarily be lowering his own volume in solidarity. Thank you, Set.]]>
Open Your Own Tavern in Age of War – Chapter 3! Wed, 13 Dec 2023 15:59 CET “I’m more use behind a bar than in battle,” she had said.

It was no lie. Now, your tavern bustles with life, serving patrons from the farthest reaches of the Exiled Lands. These are rugged folk, who have seen and survived more than most. This place is a haven from the war, but for the right price, they would follow you into the jaws of Set himself.

On December 14, your adventures in Age of War – Chapter 3 will begin, so we want to take this opportunity to give you some insight into one of the major new features we are launching in the update – Taverns!

Pour yourself a tankard, sit back, and read on.

Where Adventures Begin

It may be a trope, but it is one we love. In fantasy, taverns and inns are often a nexus. They are a place where information, rumors, gold, and people converge and mingle in a chaotic dance of brimming potential. Whether the mood be brooding, festive, or hostile, taverns are where legends are born.

This is the energy we brought into creating this feature in Conan Exiles. Overall, we want to add more content that makes the world feel more alive and reactive to the player.

Setting up the Tavern

To open your tavern you will need two things: a Barkeeper, and a bar counter. First, you must rescue the Zamorian Barkeeper from a purge camp. Keep in mind that it may take a few tries, because the Barkeeper is not guaranteed to appear in every purge. Speak to them and they will teach you the secret and ancient art of building a bar counter.

Craft the bar, place it in your base, and the Barkeeper can begin to work their magic. Over time, patrons will start to appear automatically. The more chairs and benches you create and place in the tavern, the more people will come to fill them. They may even enjoy a drink or two. Or ten.

Note that the area around the bar counter which becomes designated as your tavern extends upward as well as around the counter, meaning you can have a tavern with several floors, should you wish to. As long as you have seats available, people will eventually come to fill them.

Most importantly, some of these patrons are not just there to sample your drinks and hang out. For a fair price in gold, certain patrons are eager to accept work. For now, they are limited to fighters, bearers and performers – followers who can be placed on the ground instead of inside a crafting bench.

On occasion, particularly exceptional patrons will appear, whose services you would be remiss to ignore.

Your followers can now hang out in your tavern if you want, where they will behave accordingly, toasting and swigging drinks. Simply open the radial wheel, select “stand guard”, and slot them into one of the green outlines which appear on benches and stools.

What’ll it be?

Part of The Barkeeper’s job is to know people. In a tavern, lips are often loose, and everyone trusts the one serving the drinks. One way or another, information will reach the Barkeeper. As a result, they know how to reach people.

If you speak to the Barkeeper you will be able to open the brand-new Enlist Contacts menu. In Chapter 3, once you have rescued Isscar the Sellsword from a purge camp, you will be able to call upon him to access his shop on demand, full of items that are particularly useful in both purges and the new Siege of al-Merayah.

For now, Isscar is the only person on the list, but we are incredibly excited about the opportunities to expand this feature in the future, especially in relation to what we mentioned earlier about making the world feel more alive.

For example, this allows us to place people out in the wilderness that you assist, rescue, or meet, and have them appear on the list after that as a potential ally with unique services. This is what we mean when we say the tavern is a nexus. It gives you even more reasons both to go out and explore the world, and to return to home and hearth.

Make it Yours

With Chapter 3, we are introducing a lot of decorations to the tavern through the Battle Pass and Bazaar. We want you to have a lot of choice when it comes to the way your tavern looks. These include the Vanir Tavern Bundle in the Battle Pass and the Yamatai Tavern bundle in the Bazaar (available from Dec 28 – Jan 10).

Thank you for joining us for this look into taverns. Age of War – Chapter 3 arrives on December 14! In case you missed it, have a look at our blog on the Siege of al-Merayah, the other major feature coming in the update.

We can’t wait to see the kind of taverns you will build, Exiles. No doubt you will make them sing with the legends of your exploits!

Slay and Survive, Exiles!]]>
Assault a Destructible Fortress in The Siege of al-Merayah Fri, 08 Dec 2023 17:00 CET Atop the ruins of al-Merayah, a great fortress has risen. Greed and decadence swell within its iron-barbed walls. From this powerful seat, the Stygian Empire rests its boot upon the throat of the Exiled Lands. A boot poised to crush.

In Age of War – Chapter 3, you will show Stygia your true mettle. Gather your band and return al-Merayah to ruins.

Today, we're excited to give you an overview of this brand-new feature coming on December 14.

The Rise and Fall of Civilizations

Before getting into the mechanics of the Siege of al-Merayah, we would like to briefly share some conceptual background to this feature and its naming. As you may know, a core theme in Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories is the rise and fall of civilizations. Time is a pendulum that swings back and forth from barbarism, to decadence, and back again, as new societies are built over the ruins of the past.

If you have played another of our games, The Secret World, you may have recognized the name al-Merayah as one of the villages you visit in that game. We like to think that the al-Merayah in The Secret World is a future incarnation of the ruins in Conan Exiles. Pre-Chapter 3, it was ancient ruins, and soon, Stygia will have built it back into decadence.

It is your job, Exile, to topple it and hurl them back into barbarism, beginning the cycle anew.

A Destructible Overworld Dungeon

One of the purposes of the Siege of al-Merayah is to give PvE players the opportunity to experience the joy of reducing structures to rubble. The entire fortress behaves in the same way as player-built structures, aside from some tweaked health values. You will actually find that all the pieces used in the construction of this fortress are available to build with.

Your goal is to reach and then defeat Bakt-Nimlot, the Commander of the invading Stygian force. But between you stand walls, gates, and soldiers. How you get past them is entirely up to you. Foul sorcery has ever been the fear of those who place their trust in stone and mortar. Soar over the walls on the wings of bat demons or form bridges of ice to carry you over.

If you shun such corrupted practices, you can seek more earthly means to bring down the walls. Build trebuchets, detonate explosive jars, or, for the first time, wield a battering ram. These are all very efficient in bringing down structures, and have now found a use outside of PvP.

The defenders of the keep will not stand idly by. Archers will pelt you with arrows from atop the crenelated walls and elite soldiers will engage you in close combat once you gain access to the courtyard. Explore the fortress to find both valuable loot and useful tools to aid in your assault.

In the highest chamber of the inner keep, surrounded by riches plundered from the Exiled Lands, you will face the Stygian Commander. On your way up the keep, every step must be paid for in blood. Defeat Bakt-Nimlot, and you will be rewarded with high-level loot and a trove of gold to add to your hoard.

Threads of Gold

When we design new content for Conan Exiles, especially within the context of an Age, we always aim to tie everything together, both narratively and mechanically.

In the case of the Siege of al-Merayah, the gold you loot at the end can be added to your hoard (introduced in Chapter 1), which fuels the cycle of purges (introduced in Chapter 2) and can be used to purchase various useful items such as mercenary banners or to hire followers in the tavern (also coming in Chapter 3).

The Siege of al-Merayah is an end-game activity, designed for high level characters. Bringing followers is good, and bringing friends is even better. The more of you there are, the more manageable the difficulty will be.

Building Foundations

Currently, the siege only exists in the Exiled Lands, but we see this feature as a very strong foundation which we can expand upon for future content.

We hope you’re ready to take on the might of the Stygian Empire. Look out for our next blog, where we will showcase the other major feature coming in Chapter 3 – the ability to open your very own tavern.

Age of War – Chapter 3 begins on December 14.

Slay and Survive, Exiles!]]>
Battle Pass Holiday XP Boost: Dec. 1-14 Wed, 29 Nov 2023 15:03 CET
With the release of Age of War – Chapter 3 just two weeks away on December 14, we want to help you prepare for the siege of the mighty Stygian stronghold in the ruins of Al-Merayah with a Battle Pass Boost!

From December 1 to 14, this boon will let everyone cut through their Battle Pass levels like a hot axe through the flesh of their enemies.

  • Number of daily boosters increased to 15
  • Booster value raised to x30 (from x10)
  • Number of daily challenge rerolls increased to 15

Keep your eyes on the prize, Exiles.

Slay and survive!]]>
Vote for Conan Exiles in the Steam Awards! Wed, 22 Nov 2023 16:55 CET
As the Steam Awards glimmer on the horizon, we raise our weapons in salute. Barbarians (and foul sorcerers), we call upon you to vote for us in the “Labor of Love” category.

Conan Exiles entered Early Access in the ancient past of 2017. For six years, we have continued to work towards realizing the great potential of this world, and with each update, we’ve honed our edge.

Learning. Growing. Slaying and surviving.

So today, as we approach the release of Chapter 3 in the Age of War, Conan Exiles is stronger than ever before.

These six years have been a true odyssey, so if you’d like to go on a stroll through the mists of time with us, then venture onto our website’s updates page[]. There you can see a full timeline of every update released for Conan Exiles so far.

We would never have gotten this far without all of you by our side, nor could we be this excited about the future.

Thank you.

The Funcom Team ]]>
Vote for Conan Exiles in the Steam Awards! Wed, 22 Nov 2023 16:53 CET

This year, Stygians sounded their warhorns and brought the Age of War to our doorstep. Brutal, bloodthirsty warriors. Strategists. Coming to our lands, thinking they can take it oh so easily. They were wrong. You were there to block their path.

The Stygian threat was growing quickly and we needed all the help we could get. We needed resources. You plunged deep into the various dangers of The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah, looking for treasure and fortune. You found them and brought them home to your new treasure room, inside a fortress adorned with your clan emblem.

Shortly after, Stygians knocked on your door and wanted that treasure for themselves. They threw everything they could in your path, trying to tear down your walls and wear you down. They failed. You used your new defense tools to fend them off and protect your hard-earned treasure.

It's not over. Age of War - Chapter 3 is fast approaching and this time you will be knocking on the Stygians' door. It's time for retaliation. The Stygians have raised a mighty fortress among the ruins of al-Merayah and it is your duty to stop them.

But for that, you will need more fighters on your side. You will be able to build your own new tavern and attract all sorts of warriors and workers to come meet you and be a part of your conquest against the Stygians.

We have more on the horizon. Conan Exiles is truly our Labor of Love and we will keep updating it with new and exciting content in the coming years.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, Exile.

Massive Discounts are Here – Crom Coins and All Game Editions Tue, 21 Nov 2023 22:32 CET
Black Friday is here, so we’ve taken a huge cleaver to the price of everything Conan Exiles, including Crom Coins (for the first time ever!), the Isle of Siptah Expansion, and all DLC packs.

These discounts will be available until November 28:
  • Conan Exiles – 75% off
  • Isle of Siptah – 30% off
  • All DLCs – 30% off
  • Crom Coins – 20% off

If you want to take advantage of the 20% discount on Crom Coins, you can get the currently available Nemedian Library bundle, which includes the secret opening bookcase, and the Turanian Settler bundle with its ornate gold-embellished architecture.

On the other hand, if you have your eye on the upcoming Age of War – Chapter 3, you might want to get your coins during the discount and hold on to them until after the release on December 14! In Chapter 3 a ton of new cosmetics become available, including the expanded Aesir building set, and a giant chess set complete with huge game pieces.

This is the biggest discount that all editions of the game, as well as the Isle of Siptah expansion, have ever enjoyed. If ever you wanted to pull in a friend and show them the thrill of blood, battle, and driving your enemies in the wheel of pain, then the time has come.

Slay and survive, Exiles]]>
Age of War – Chapter 3 Release Date and Major Features Thu, 16 Nov 2023 16:00 CET
Steel your nerves, for The Age of War – Chapter 3 arrives on December 14! In this major free update, you will finally show the Stygians whose land they seek to conquer. Gather everyone – allies and subjects – and bring down the invader's stronghold.

Public Beta

Test out the new content in our public Beta, which went live earlier today! Remember that this is an early access build and you will experience bugs. Your feedback, as always, is massively appreciated. Go forth and slay some bugs!

Catch Today’s Livestream for More Details!

Join our livestream later today at 5:00pm CET / 11:00am EDT on Twitch[] and YouTube, where we’ll be showing off the Chapter 3 features in action!

Chapter 3 Features

Chapter 3 brings big new features to Conan Exiles, some of which are quite unlike anything we’ve added before. Feast your eyes on the summary of the major features below:

Fortress Assault - Have you ever looked at the purge enemies charging your fortifications and longed for the glory of assaulting a castle yourself? In Chapter 3, you can. Among the ruins of al-Merayah, the Stygians have raised a mighty fortress from which to squeeze every drop of wealth from the Exiled Lands. Crush their defenses, fight your way into the inner chamber, and face the Commander of the Stygian forces. Gold and glory await the victor.

Open your own Tavern - What are legends for without a place for them to be shared and celebrated? Open your own tavern and then bring it to life. Once the barkeep has been freed from an enemy purge camp and settled down in your tavern, this dynamic area will over time fill with NPCs that you can hire as guards or workers. No longer does the wheel of pain need to be the main source of followers.

Battle Pass and Bazaar Cosmetics - Make your tavern really sing with a slew of Vanir and Yamatai-themed tavern placeables. Craft yourself the longhouse of your dreams with the expanded Aesir building set, and play literally the biggest chess-game of your life with the new chess tiles and life-size board pieces.

And more - We still have a few surprises in store, so keep your eyes peeled for news as we approach December 14.

See you soon, Exiles!]]>
Developer Livestream Age of War – Chapter 3 Thu, 09 Nov 2023 18:14 CET
You may have successfully protected your base against the new purge, but that was just the beginning. In Age of War – Chapter 3 Stygia has consolidated its power. Will you sever the head of the serpent or be consumed by the ancient empire?

Tune in to our developer livestream with lead designer Dennis Douthett and Senior Community Managers Andy Benditt and Nicole Rasner, and discover the major new features coming in the next Chapter.

Catch the livestream on November 16th at 5:00pm CEST / 11:00am EDT on Twitch[] and YouTube. ]]>
Yogtober Contest: Winners! Tue, 31 Oct 2023 20:27 CET

Happy Yogtoberfest one and all! The mighty Yog was pleased by your contributions this year. As were we! As always, the entries were full of creativity that left our judges locked in deliberation. Choosing the top entries was extremally tough and there were many close ties. After much discussion and voting, the winners have been chosen.

These are the screenshots that our judges loved the creativity and composition of, and encompassed the overall feel of Yogtober.

If you don’t see your entry here, please make sure to share it with the other Exiles! It’s clear many of you spent a lot of time and effort making these screenshots and would feature every single one if possible.

PC Unmodded

In no particular order, here are the top 3 winners for this category.



Miss Fiefie on Twitch

PC Modded

In no particular order, here are the top 3 winners for this category.


  • Pippi
  • Beyond Decor: Rustic
  • Deco & Placeables
  • ExilesExtreme
  • Gothic Decorations
  • Immerse RP: Fright Night
  • Immerse RP: Placables Decor
  • Shani’s Stuff
  • GrimProductions

Harleficent, The Murder Doll
  • Beyond Decor
  • ToT
  • Immersive Armors
  • Nocturnal Gods: Warpaints
  • Legacy of Darkness: Metal & Flesh
  • Deadlands Armory

  • Happy Little Trees & IMMERSE RP: Fright Night
  • House is Nemedian.


In no particular order, here are the top 2 winners for this category.




In no particular order, here are the top 2 winners for this category.



Honorable Mentions
These are screenshots that stood out to some of our judges and wanted to give a shout out to.

Spynosaur’s Star
By: Asha
  • LoD_MetalAndFlesh
  • Beyond_Decor_II
  • RavencrestCouriers
  • DungeonMasterTools
  • RoleplayRedux
  • ImmersiveArmor
  • EvilsCabinet
  • WarSong
  • BarbarianBarber
  • RAFantasy
  • RA
  • CAS
  • ExilesExtreme

Hürcan’s Handpick
By: N’Djoku

Kristina’s Knockout
By: Taze™

Mayra’s Choice Award
By: Brix
  • Pippi
  • DungeonMasterTools Continued
  • Grim’s Wonderbody Reupload
  • GrimProductions
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • ExilesExtreme
  • Pythagoras: Expanded Building
  • VAM Arsenal & More
  • VAM Addon
  • ModControlPanel
  • LBPR - Additional Features
  • Less Building Placement Restriction

Sarea’s Selection
By: Three Eyed Ravens & Veiled RP Server
  • Northen Timber
  • Shani’s
  • Beyond Deco
  • Beyond Rustic
  • Outfit Manager
  • Warrior Mutators
  • LBPR
  • Immersive Armor
  • Devious Desire

Andy’s Admiration
By: Balázs
  • Shadows_of_Skelos_Extended
  • Crucial Decorations

Ignasi’s I Like This Even More Than Pineapple Pizza Pick
By: Nine
  • Pippi
  • Amute Transfer

We will be contacting the winners shortly!

It’s an absolute pleasure and joy to see the entries with every contest and we hope to see you again for the next one.]]>
Age of War Chapter 2 Hotfix 3 Patch Notes (2023.10.18) Wed, 18 Oct 2023 14:04 CEST

Fixed a bug that caused an infinite loading loop in specific servers.

Stats for all spears now reflect the new spear stats from Hotfix 2.]]>
REVENGE OF YOGTOBER - Spooky Screenshot Contest Thu, 12 Oct 2023 22:11 CEST
It’s the spookiest month of all, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us this year. Last Yogtober[], we asked you to show us your necromancer towers and beautiful gothic cathedrals, and this year, we’re asking for your best Yogtober-themed screenshot.

So light up those witch-fire torches, bask in the full moon, and unleash your inner photographer!

We’d like to welcome you to our second Yogtober contest, brought to you once again by the #1 tentacle God, Yog. This year you’ll be focusing on your photography skills and capturing the essence of spooky vibes and atmosphere.

What do you think when you hear Yogtober? Do you think campy slasher, dark and sinister, or silly pumpkins? Your screenshot can include whatever you want: buildings, environment, Exiles, creatures, and what have you.

Judging will be based on creativity, originality, and how well they fit with the Yogtober theme. Judges will be from the community managers, community support, and a select few Exiles volunteers. We also realize that there isn’t a vanity mode for consoles at this time, so the UI will be ignored.

Note that your screenshot doesn’t have to include Yog! We just think he’s neat.

Once you submit your screenshot, share it on social media! Make sure to include the #Yogtober2023 tag too.

We will pick 10 winners!

3 for PC Unmodded
3 for PC modded
2 for Xbox
2 for PlayStation

All entries must be submitted by October 25, 2023 11:59 PM (EDT). We will not accept any entries after this date. Winners will be announced on October 31, 2023 4:00 PM (EDT) through our forums and social media channels. Entries must be submitted through this SurveyMonkey link[].

The winners will receive:
· Conan: Blood of the Serpent Hardcover Book

· Hyborian Age Poster

· One (1) DLC pack of your choice

Upload your entry using this form.[]

· We will accept entries until October 25, 2023 11:59 PM (EDT). Entries submitted after this date will not be counted.

· Please be sure to double-check the email address you enter, so that we can contact you if you win.

· If you do not submit it through the form it will not be counted.

Good luck, Exiles. We’ll announce the winners on the last night of Yogtober, Xuthalloween.

· NO FILTERS in the game or after taking it.

· If you submit more than 1 screenshot we will only look at and judge the first one submitted. Please only submit one!

· When you submit your fashion entry, you affirm that it is your own work. You may have help creating the scene, but it can only be submitted once. Please do not submit an entry that you did not create.

· You may use the admin tool if you’re creating your submission on a single-player/co-op or a private server.

· If on PC, you can use Ansel to take a snapshot. But do not use the filters.

· You may use DLC.

· You can only submit to one category one time.

· Please refrain from sending pictures taken from mobile phones.

· Only 1 screenshot will be judged per person.

· Please refrain from sending in videos.

· All entries must adhere to the Conan Exiles Code of Conduct.

How to Share a Screenshot on Console

We understand that the process can be easier on PC so here is some help on how to do it for console.


  1. Press the Share button on your PS4 controller for at least one second.
  2. This will open up the share menu. Here, press the triangle button to save the screenshot. If you want to discard the screenshot, press the circle button on the PlayStation 4 controller.
  3. Once you have your screenshot(s) captured, navigate over to the Capture Gallery, and find the Conan Exiles folder. Press the Option button on the PS4 controller and select Copy to USB Storage Device.
  4. Select the screenshots you want to transfer and copy them over.


  1. While playing a game double-tap the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. Or if you’re one of the rare few with Kinect plugged into your Xbox One, you can say “Xbox, take a screenshot” to take and save a screenshot.
  2. After saving the screenshot. Press the Xbox button to suspend the game.
  3. Go to the Upload app on your Xbox One and choose the screenshot you want to share from Manage Captures.
  4. Press the Menu button and choose Share.
  5. You can upload it to OneDrive, and then email it from OneDrive. Or just download them to your computer from OneDrive, then include them in the survey.

Odds of winning will be determined by number of entries.

No purchase is necessary.

Privacy: Funcom’s Privacy Policy is at Privacy Policy - Funcom[]

Restrictions: Void where prohibited by law. Participants must be of legal age in their country of residence to participate. Directors, officers, and employees of Sponsor, its parent, and any of their respective affiliate companies, subsidiaries, agents, professional advisors, advertising and promotional agencies, and immediate families of each are not eligible to win any prizes. All applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply.

Use of Entries: In consideration of the chance to enter the Contest, The Sponsor(s) shall have the perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license and right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, perform, display, distribute, make derivative works of and otherwise commercially and non-commercially exploit Entrant’s name, character, likeness, and entry materials in perpetuity and throughout the universe, in any manner or medium now existing or hereafter developed, without separate compensation to Entrant or any other person or entity.

General Release: By entering the Contest, the Entrant releases participating sponsors and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and agencies (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Contest or delivery, misdelivery, acceptance, possession, use of or inability to use any prize (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, taxes, fees, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy.

Affidavit, Release, and Data Collection: As a condition of being awarded any prize, winners will be required to execute and deliver to Sponsor a signed Affidavit of Eligibility, which includes an acceptance of these Official Rules, a release of liability and delivery information for prizes. The entrant is informed that the data collector is Funcom Oslo AS., and the data collected will be transferred to the United States of America. Upon request, the Entrant will be provided with access to the Entrant’s personal data. Entrants may withdraw their personal data upon request, however, in such an event, the Entrant will be disqualified as an entrant in the Contest prior to the fulfillment of prizes.


Offered prizes are valued at the following:

· Conan: Blood of the Serpent Hardcover Book: $25.95
· Hyborian Age Poster: $14.99
· DLC pack: $9.99

Winners List: After October 31, 2023 8:00 PM winners will be posted on the Funcom official forums.

Funcom Oslo AS.
Kirkegata 12 N-0153 Oslo Norway]]>
Community Stream with special guests - October 6 Thu, 05 Oct 2023 20:53 CEST
As you may already know, with the coming of Chapter 2, we’ve made some changes to the Purge system and made it more challenging and exciting.

We, the community managers, decided we should play the purge together as a team and share that moment with you all. But why not make it better?

We’re going to have a Community Stream on the Funcom YouTube and Twitch channels on October 6th, at 17:00 CEST / 11:00 AM EST, with the presence of our amazing guests from the Conan Exiles community that you may know well:

DeadWoman Walking

Banding together, shoulder to shoulder, we’re going to embrace the challenges of the new purge and try to protect our beautiful base made by the ever-talented builder Barden and our resident loremaster Eradicati0n.

See you at the stream!]]>
Age of War Chapter 2 Hotfix 2 Patch notes (2023.10.05) Thu, 05 Oct 2023 14:13 CEST

  • Reduced damage of Javelins and three sets of spears which were disproportionately buffed in the recent combat balance adjustments
  • Epic Variants of the Blood Crystal Spear, the Aesir Chieftain Spear, and the Vanir Shaman spear no longer have increased damage
  • Stygian Commander Tassets now have the correct leg material regardless of the character’s sex
  • Wight horses no longer sport ghastly endowments
  • Fixed an issue where Skeleton Keys would sometimes not be consumed when opening a legendary chest
  • Also fixed an issue where legendary chests would sometimes give out loot regardless of if the player had Skeleton Keys or not
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Savory Fodder recipe would not be granted to players upon successfully claiming the Festive Crested Lapdog Twitch drop
  • Fixed an issue where male characters visually dip downwards briefly after exiting a reading stand
  • Fixed an issue where players failed to buy Crom Coins within the Battlepass screen after a previous transaction was cancelled
  • Fixed an issue where if a player logged out with a sheathed Bazaar/Battle Pass/Twitch Drop items, the item would disappear from hotbar after logging back in
  • Fixed an issue where a Purge had the chance to spawn outside of the Curse Wall
  • Fixed an issue where some Tier 4 thralls cannot be knocked out before being killed when placed in the basic Truncheon
  • The Sandstorm should no longer deal damage to fully sheltered players

  • Relic Hunters will now drop fewer trophies
  • Shield Frames and Weapon Handles no longer drop as loot from NPCs

  • Increased draw distance for grass and foliage in the swungle biome
  • Battle Pass emotes are now properly organized upon being unlocked
Age of War Chapter 2 Hotfix (2023.09.28) Thu, 28 Sep 2023 14:02 CEST

  • Fixed a bug which caused performance issues whenever approaching or logging in near a base

  • Added additional checks to prevent certain crafting to be done without the proper materials

  • War Torn Rubble can no longer be stacked
  • When the surface below it is removed, placed treasure now drops down instead of being destroyed (note: dropped treasure still gets destroyed)

  • Thralls set to guard doors now return to their post after vanquishing interlopers

  • Old copies of Heritance have been reset to match its current design

  • Fixed an issue where rarely a new challenge would not appear after claiming a completed one

  • Fixed an issue which could prevent a character from fighting back if they were attacked while performing certain emotes

  • Players can now access the game menu while controlling an avatar
  • Purchasing unlock of multiple Battle Pass levels now properly refreshes the display
Age of War - Chapter 2 is Now Live! Thu, 21 Sep 2023 16:02 CEST
The Age of War is truly upon us. Blood stains the earth in the name of gold as Stygian war camps sprout like barbed weeds.

Join our lead designer, Dennis Douthett, as he walks you through the new content now available in Age of War - Chapter 2.

Purge Revamp

With today's ground-up revamp of the purge system, purges have become an immersive and replayable challenge with worthwhile rewards. You now also have full control over when and whether to start a purge, as well as its difficulty. Purge battles feel far more meaningful as you defend your clan hoard against waves of Stygian invaders, led by the Hand of War. Defeat him to claim valuable loot and free the camp's prisoners.

Improved Loot

The loot improvements we've made in today's update can be felt from your humble beginnings in the desert to your end-game domination and dungeon-delving. Enemies’ loot now reflects their culture, equipment, and environment, and is overall more valuable and convenient. On top of this, chests have been scattered across camps and in the depths of dungeons, with far more enticing loot.

Combat and Dungeons

As trickling streams become a raging river, so can small improvements have a strong impact. With the new ability to slightly adjust the direction of attacks and improved stagger consistency, combat should feel far smoother overall. We've also done a sweep on dungeons, adding a spatter of new dangers, mysteries, and rewards to find.

See the full patch notes below for all the details of today's patch, including optimizations, bug fixes, and more.

Battle Pass & Bazaar Cosmetics

Build wonders and look damn fine doing it. In Age of War - Chapter 2, we've added yet another abundance of cosmetics through the paid Battle Pass and Bazaar item store.

Raise glorious pyramids in your own honor and fill their shadowy bowels with treasure and traps. Adorn yourself in fierce new warpaint, don the new Vendhya Treasure Hunter armor, and let your pack elephant carry your many finds. This is only a fraction of what awaits in-game.

Age of Wartime Discount!

With Conan Exiles 60% off and Isle of Siptah 20% off, recruit your friends to resist the Stygian invasion and embark together on new adventures across the Exiled Lands and beyond.

We hope you enjoy this new Chapter in the Age of War! Stay up to date on all news by keeping an eye on our Twitter, Facebook[], and Instagram[].

  • Optimized memory and network usage.
  • Game will no longer freeze when players approach the coast near Siptah’s southern islands.
  • Fixed issue where game would sometimes fail to boot if regional format of user’s OS was in German.

  • Fixed an exploit in regards to item duplication.

  • Purge Rework
    • Purges are now triggered manually by the player (through the Proclaim Wealth button in the new Hoard Coffer interface!).
    • New Coffer Interface can also be used to sell treasures in your coffer for Gold Coins!
    • Initiating a Purge will cause a Stygian Forward Operating Base to spawn nearby and begin sending waves of enemies to assault your base and steal your treasure!
      • Including enemies that will attack using the all new Battering Ram to punch through your base even faster!
    • To trigger a Purge successfully there must be a valid path from outside of your base all the way through to your Hoard and Coffer. Should this path be destroyed or blocked the Purge will retreat.
    • Thralls can now be assigned to guard any doors in-game to help you defend from the new Purge, simply assign a thrall while hovering over one of the “ghosts” that will appear showing its assignment slot and confirming.
    • Purge difficulty is scaled to the amount of treasure inside of your coffer!
    • After a significant portion of your treasures are successfully stolen, the attacking army will retreat victoriously. (You Lose!)
    • Repel enough waves to trigger the Hand of War boss to reveal himself and join the fight!
    • Killing the Hand of War will end the Purge, dropping keys to loot the FOB’s reward chests and release captives that have been taken by the Stygian army! (You Win!)
      • Be sure to bring any stolen and new treasures back to your hoard to increase your overall wealth to continue increasing the difficulty levels of the Purge.
    • Captured prisoners that are released inside the Forward Operating Base can serve as your Thralls! As well as a chance for special prisoner who will act as a temporary store in gratitude to sell you special items and resources to help you in future Purges! (With a new Vendor interface!)
      • Including Mercenary Banners that will spawn Mercenary Allies to assist you in battle!
    • New challenges are implemented:
      • Defeat 1 Strong player focused Purge enemy.
      • Defeat 5 Strong player focused Purge enemies.
      • Defeat 10 Strong player focused Purge enemies.
      • Defeat a Purge wave.
      • Defeat all Purge waves.
      • Defeat a Purge Boss.
  • Loot Revamp
    • NPCs now have a chance of dropping their actually worn equipment and weapon/s
    • Camp chests now grant better, more interesting, and more usable loot. Gone are the days of finding plant-fiber and stone in chests. In addition, loot-chests are now much more contextual and will grant you Darfari-related loot while in a Darfari-camp, etc.
    • Various interactables can now be found in some of the camps. This already was the case for Siptah, but we have now added several interactables to camps in the Exiled Lands as well.
    • Dungeons have been tweaked to fit this paradigm as well - loot in dungeons are now more exciting, and dungeons have had several tweaks to them in order to make them more interesting; adding optional bosses, adjusting loot drops from bosses, adding traps, and so forth.
    • Legendary chests no longer spawn in the world next to so-called World Bosses. Instead, you may find legendary chests at the end of dungeons.
    • For modders: The struct for loot-tables has been modified, and now it is possible to generate loot based on item gameplay tags. Old lootchest blueprints are now deprecated. They do still exist, but we instead recommend using the ones in "/Game/Systems/Loot/New/" (PC Only)
    • The Library of Esoteric Knowledge and the Voidforge no longer grants completely random recipes. Instead, the system is deterministic and will give you a recipe that you do not have.
    • Black Ice weapons no longer require hardened steel weapons as a crafting ingredient
    • Added various grinder/fluid press recipes for plants and seeds that did not have them before.
  • Dungeon Tweaks
    • Dungeons have been tweaked to fit this paradigm as well; loot in dungeons is now more exciting!
    • Dungeons have had several tweaks to them in order to make them more interesting; adding optional bosses, adjusting loot drops from bosses, adding traps, and so forth.
  • Age of War Chapter 2 Battle Pass includes new pets, armor, emotes, and more! The rewards will let you personalize your very own treasure room, as if you were a rich Turanian Prince.
  • Age of War Chapter 2 Bazaar includes new pets, armor, emotes, and more!
  • Support for upcoming Twitch Drops campaigns. Keep an eye on our social channels for more dates and details!

  • Fixed an issue where red lines would appear in the direction the player was facing when using the Shift + Del shortcut on building pieces.
  • Players are no longer able to place multiple doors inside of a single doorframe
  • The Construction Hammer can no longer be used to dismantle buildings during the purge.
  • Placeables have been reduced in weight. In addition, building pieces that should've been set to 1.5 weight were not always, and this is now fixed.

  • The player is no longer damaged when crafting rough wraps while at full HP.
  • Black Ice Shield and Hardened Steel shield now require Shield Frames as part of their crafting recipe.
  • Crafting recipe for Iron and Steel Reinforcements now takes 10 seconds, instead of 20/60.

  • Added new ability for Humanoid characters to be able to rotate during the beginning motions of their attacks, allowing positioning and aiming adjustments briefly during the start of their attack animation
  • Changed hyperarmor (stagger immunity) to only exist for specific animations with visible high velocity or heavy animations (two handed weapon heavy attacks for example)
  • The slashing visual effects of one handed swords is now properly aligned with their model during sprint attacks.
  • Greater pets with skins will no longer deal less damage than their default counterparts.
  • Avatars damage is now properly considered PvP damage, meaning that players can only be damaged by avatars during raids or when otherwise considered a valid PvP target.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mitra avatar blueprint did not inherit proper damage variables.
  • Bows now do less damage the further the arrow travels.
  • Orbs now detonate instantly on impact, regardless of light/heavy attack use.
  • Javelins and missile weapons have had their damage increased.
  • Throwing axes have had their damage increased.

  • Rhino Mounts should now be visible.
  • Gave the Moss Rocknose its attacks back.
  • Rocknoses should no longer appear invisible.
  • Asked Warmaker Klael politely, but firmly, to remain standing (NPC is no longer sitting).
  • Totemic Wolves are now properly visible when placed.
  • Thralls and NPCs will now face their original placed direction after returning to their post.
  • NPCs will no longer be locked into the same attack if the player moves out of their range between attacks.

  • The Steel Thewed perk now prevents your character from taking more than 33% damage per hit instead of 25%.
  • Last Stand now lasts 3 seconds, reduced from 6.
  • Priests can no longer summon a "god bubble" (God Protection).
  • Avatars now last 10 times as long but do 10 times less damage with their attacks.
  • Trebuchet Health Increased from 5000 to 10000. Crafting times for Trebuchets greatly decreased (to a total of 10 minutes). Non-explosive barrages now also do a smaller amount of splash damage.
  • Damage from Wight Minibosses in the Winecellar has been reduced.
  • Dismantling legendary items will now give back 100% of their dismantle value, regardless of their durability.
  • Tools no longer damage resources that they cannot harvest.
  • Vendors at Mek-Kamoses have been instructed that players do not need a secret pass phrase to purchase the last item in their inventory. They will now properly show all items they offer for sale at all times.

  • It's now possible to relinquish control over an avatar by pressing the Crouch button.
  • Players can now spend attribute points more quickly.
  • Sandstorm damage is now listed in the stats page debuff entry for players on dedicated servers.
  • Purge journey is now available on maps other than Exiled Lands.
  • Legendary loot-chests are now more visually distinct from other loot-chests.

  • Improved the visual quality of grass in several portions of the map.
    • This change is still being worked on and some areas of the map may show some visual imperfection. This will be improved in a future patch.
  • Attempting to create a clan using a name that is already taken will no longer prevent the player from creating another clan.
  • Fixed visuals in Crystalline Visage boots.
  • Player will no longer take damage when jumping above the Sandstone Fence.
  • The sandstorm will no longer spawn inside of the Sunken City dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where, after removing a Master Reinforcement Kit with a Prying Kit, no further modifications could be applied to the item.
  • Reverted the durability reduction for Prying kits from 30 to 50% to prevent exploit with infinite durability.
  • Fixed an issue where The Impaler had much too low durability (400) - it now has 4200 as intended.
  • Lowered the weight of the Poitain Heavy Lances.
  • Decreased stats for Steel weapon Journey rewards.
  • Increased stats for "Perfected Hardened Steel Sword" journey reward.
  • The Homesteader journey should now unlock after completing the first journey of a map.
  • The “O Sleeper Awake” achievement/trophy can now be properly completed even if the relevant journey is not active.
  • Acquire Silver Journey Step in the Potion Maker journey now triggers on getting silver ore even if the source is not harvesting.
  • Dismantling Explosive Jars now yields the proper resources.

  • Added map marker for the exit cave of "The Passage" dungeon.
  • Made recipe book at the end of “The Dregs” dungeon visible.

  • Letting go and re-grabbing a wall will no longer repeatedly play the equip animation.

  • Simm’s Khopesh now has a proper description.
  • Akbitanan Throwing Knife is now properly marked as a Legendary item.
  • Star Metal Ore now lists the recipe for Star Metal Ingots in its item description.
  • Stygian Commander set now properly marked as Heavy Armor.
  • Changed "Move & Guard" thrall icon.
  • Removed outdated and deprecated loading screen tips.
  • Updated icons for Moving and Removing placeables and thralls to make them more consistent.
  • Fixed description for Tablet of power.
  • Fixed description of Yellow Lotus Potion.
  • Poison arrow is now named Noxious Gas Arrow.
Purge Revamp Deep Dive Tue, 12 Sep 2023 16:04 CEST
As the Stygian Empire slithers ever deeper into the Exiled Lands, blades quiver in anticipation of spilled blood.

Age of War – Chapter 2 arrives on September 21, with a ground-up revamp of the purge system, improved loot across the entire game, a new Battle Pass, and a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes.

In today’s deep dive into the new purge revamp, we’ll walk you through a purge from start to finish and show you everything you need to know to head into the new update with your weapon swinging.

The Path to a new Purge

For those new to the feature, a purge, currently, is when a group of NPCs attack your base when you reach certain thresholds of activity in the game. In Chapter 2, we’ve completely redesigned and significantly expanded purges.

We’ve had our eyes on this feature for a long time, knowing it didn’t live up to its full potential. But to truly do it justice, we needed more than a single update. To improve purges, we needed to introduce additional new supporting features.

With the Age of War, we saw our chance. In Chapter 1, we introduced clan hoards, an integral part to the purge system. For a primer on clan hoards, you can take a look at the blog we released on the subject.

War on Demand

Your personal trove serves as the centerpiece to the purge. It’s entirely up to you when you want a purge to begin. By speaking to your treasurer and proclaiming your wealth to the world, you attract the attention of the invading Stygians. The bigger your hoard is when you make your proclamation, the more challenging the purge will be, which will in turn improve the potential rewards.

Threat level currently ranges from 1 to 10, but we might expand this in the future. Other factors, such as how many players are defending and how many followers you have, also have an effect on difficulty, but won’t be reflected in the threat level. In harder difficulties, you would do well to bring allies into the fight.

Before you go proclaiming your wealth, you may want to consider your base defenses. Build strong walls, funnel attackers into a kill zone, shoot at them from parapets, lay traps... it’s all up to you, and we’ve added some new tools into the mix. For the truly wicked among you, use the new burning siege cauldrons near gates and doors to give attackers as a neat skin-sizzling surprise.

We’ve also added a new type of thrall placement, making them guard a gate or door. The benefit of this is that they will no longer run off and leave the area unprotected. In Chapter 3, we plan to expand this to allow you to station archers on top of walls, effectively turning them into turrets.

Once you’re satisfied with your defenses, it’s time to spill some blood.

The Stygian Wave Rises

As soon as you’ve proclaimed your wealth, a Stygian war camp will form in the vicinity of your base. Since this camp is rather large, keep in mind that certain base placements may prevent purges from working, such as configurations which don’t have the necessary space for a nearby camp to form.

Waves of attackers will immediately charge from the camp. Thanks to the Stygian invasion of the Exiled Lands, purges now have a narrative foundation. In the lower difficulties, you’ll see more troops which have been forced into battle by the Stygians, such as Khitan Headhunters or even pirates. It’s only once you reach the higher difficulties that you’ll see more elite Stygian troops get involved.

With clan hoards introduced, purge attackers now have a meaningful purpose: your hoard. Should any of them reach it, they will pick it up and try to carry it to their camp. An armful of treasure means they aren’t prepared for an axe to the head however, so cut them down quickly and bring your treasure back before you are overwhelmed. Should they steal enough to be satisfied, the purge will be lost.

Although their goal is to plunder your hoard, they will still destroy anything and anyone that stands between them and their prize. Stay on the lookout for those that carry battering rams as they will make short work of even the stoutest of walls.

The waves won't stop until they steal enough, or you cut off the head of the snake. After defeating enough waves, the Hand of War emerges from the camp and challenges you. He’s not one for honor, so the waves will keep coming as you try to deal with him.

If you can defeat the Hand of War, victory is yours.

The Spoils of War

During the purge there is no loot, letting you focus on the battle instead. Looting comes only with victory. Make sure to get the key from the Hand of War and unlock the chests in their war camp. Overall, the rewards for defeating a purge are significant, and with higher difficulties, they only get better.

Keep a lookout for Stygian prisoners, those who refused to fight for the empire. Among them is Isscar the Sellsword, a new NPC vendor that takes treasure as payment. Stock up on valuable traps, arrows, explosives, and more for future purges. Most notable is the new mercenary banner, a consumable item which lets you summon various mercenaries to temporarily fight for you wherever you place it.

Giving You Control

Thanks to these changes, purges can now be triggered when and if you like. They are entirely optional and their difficulty is adjustable. Overall, they are now an entire reward loop, a source of valuable loot and thralls that you can repeat whenever you like.

The goal is for purges to be an activity you want to repeat, for two reasons: they’re consistently fun, and they have compelling rewards.

Chapter 2 and Beyond

We haven’t even released Chapter 2 yet and we’re already excited about Chapter 3. We briefly mentioned stationary archer placements on walls, and we also plan on introducing more siege equipment, variety, and other features which weave into both clan hoards and purges.

Purges are only part of the Chapter 2 update coming September 21. We’ve also improved loot across the entire game, making it more immersive, logical, and rewarding. We’ve sprinkled in several additional improvements, such as a smoother combat experience with improved stagger consistency and fluidly adjusting the direction of your attacks.

We also have a brand-new pyramid building set and a boatload of other cosmetics coming in the Battle Pass and Bazar.

We look forward to seeing all sorts of crazy base setups and desperate defenses when the update comes out on September 21. Join your fellow barbarians on our official Discord to feast, be merry, compare war cries, and other classic barbarian activities.

Until next time, Exiles]]>
Introducing the Funcom Creator Program Mon, 11 Sep 2023 16:05 CEST Your creative talent and unmatched dedication are a constant source of inspiration to us. For a while now, we have been quietly working in the background on a way to better amplify and support your quest for creating epic content. Today, we are pleased to announce that we are launching the official Funcom Creator Program in collaboration with our good friends at Lurkit!
This is the first of many essential steps toward supporting creators who regularly engage with, entertain, and inform our players . We believe this will both unlock exciting new opportunities for established content creators, and help those getting started find the help and confidence they need.
Check out the information about the program on our official page[], and—should you feel like throwing your hat in the ring—sign up to Lurkit[] to start receiving exclusive perks that will help your channels grow!
  • Funcom game and DLC keys
  • Unique opportunities for channel promotion
  • Networking with likeminded creators
  • Continuous access to exclusive campaigns, missions, and quests
  • Official asset support
  • More to be announced soon!
We plan to continue developing, expanding, and improving the program regularly. This is only the beginning of a wonderful journey, and we cannot wait to reveal more exciting stuff soon.
Exiles, we look forward to hosting you!
Age of War - Chapter 2 Release Date and New Details! Thu, 24 Aug 2023 18:34 CEST
The team has been hard at work on the next big update, and we're thrilled to reveal that Age of War - Chapter 2 arrives September 21! As always, all the game content is free, with paid cosmetics available from the Battle Pass and Bazaar.

This update expands significantly upon features we introduced in Chapter 1. Experience revamped purges, greatly improved loot across the game, and a new Battle Pass, and raise pyramids with the new Stygian building set from the Bazaar.

Public Beta

If you shrug off bugs the same way you do blades, you can try the Chapter 2 Beta right now. Your feedback and bug reports are always a massive help. To play the Beta, simply download the separate Conan Exiles - Public Beta Client in your Steam library.

Content Roadmap Update

In Chapter 1, we introduced clan hoards and improvements to combat and how stamina works. The features we're introducing in Chapter 2 are closely linked to these changes. Read on to get a brief overview of what's to come. There's even more content cooking beyond this list, some of which you will be able to see in the Beta patch notes when they become available on our forums[].

Purge Update - For Chapter 2, we have completely transformed purges into a more immersive and balanced challenge, with improved rewards and control over when they occur. The attackers now have a purpose: to breach the defenses of your stronghold, steal your hoard, and carry it back to their camp. We look forward to diving deep into every aspect of this new feature in an upcoming blog.

Improved Loot - With our loot overhaul, our goal is to make loot feel much more rewarding (ex. dungeon chest with an epic weapon instead of crafting materials), appropriate (ex. culture-related), and convenient (ex. twine instead of plant fiber) across the entire game. As you can guess, this has been a huge undertaking, but we think the results will be worth it!

Battle Pass and Cosmetics - The brand-new pyramid building set will allow you to reshape the skyline with majestic pyramids. As always, you can look forward to a variety of new cosmetics including emotes, Stygian-themed armors, weapons, pets, decorations, and more.

We look forward to sharing more details about the update as we approach the launch on September 21. We'll see you on the stream!
Developer Livestream Age of War – Chapter 2 Fri, 18 Aug 2023 18:58 CEST

Greetings Exiles,

You've been padding your coffers, but your hard-earned riches seem to have attracted unwanted attention. If you want to hold on to your treasures, prepare your archers and repair your walls, Exiles! Discover the impending threat in our Age of War - Chapter 2 Developer livestream.

Join Lead Designer Dennis Douthett and Senior Community Managers Andy Benditt and Nicole Rasner for the livestream on Aug 24 at 5:00pm CEST / 11:00am EDT on Twitch[] and YouTube.]]>
Age of War Chapter 1 Hotfix 2 (2023.07.20) Thu, 20 Jul 2023 14:25 CEST

  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash when attempting to use emotes while in Avatar form.
  • Fixed an issue where the server would crash when breaking ownership of the Abyssal Mount (Horse).

  • Fixed an exploit wherein players could cast sorcery without consuming resources when becoming over-encumbered during the ritual.

  • Fixed several issues affecting the connectivity and function of upcoming Aesir building pieces.

  • Fixed an issue where reinforcement kits on Armor and Weapons were able to be stacked.
  • Armors and weapons now have maximum durability derived from the base item after the prying kit has been used.
  • Fixed an issue where weight would not reset for weapons.

  • Fixed an issue where some pets with DLC skin variants would not deal as much damage as their base game version

Funcom Community Hangout – Gamescom 2023 Tue, 18 Jul 2023 16:25 CEST
Folks from different Funcom teams will attend the event, so why not get together and hang out? We promise that everyone will have a bloody good time! After all, FUN is in our name, right? But to not be unfounded, here are a few things planned for this special occasion:

  • Meet people from the Funcom team
  • Try our special drinks to cool yourself. If you’re one of the first 100 people to attend, two of your drinks are on us!
  • Have some snacks from our special selection to go along with a nice chat
  • Grab a goodie bag filled with surprise gifts. We have a limited supply. First come, first serve!
  • Meet new people and enjoy the company
  • But most importantly, have fun!

In addition to these, we’ll have some extra surprises to make this night even more unforgettable.
Please join us for this lovely night to celebrate Funcom communities and video games. We’d be delighted to see you there!

Click here to reserve your spot at the event. []

Note: Due to venue limitations, reserving a spot through the event page won’t guarantee your attendance. We will send you a second e-mail if your attendance is accepted.

Please note that we will be taking pictures during the event and by attending this event you agree to potentially appear in our photos from it.

When: August 25, 6 PM to 11 PM (CEST)
Where: Café de Paris - Benesisstraße 61, Köln, NRW, 50672
How to get there: The venue is pretty close to the Gamescom building, you can get there in around 20 minutes with a car or public transport.

Please refer to this link for detailed directions.[]

For any questions, feel free to use the Contact option on the event page or send us an e-mail at [email protected]]]>
Age of War Chapter 1 Hotfix 1 (2023.06.29) Thu, 29 Jun 2023 14:02 CEST

* Fixed a crash related to editing a clan emblem
* Logging for DWLogString is now available in shipping config builds
* Added an optimization for dedicated servers
* Added a memory optimization for Xbox to reduce Out-Of-Memory crashes

* Fixed an exploit in regards to resources.

* Golden Derketo Cat heroic treasure now looks the correct size at all levels of detail
* Gilded Harp and Gilded Jade Warhorn treasure can now be stolen
* All coin piles can now be stolen
* Coin piles now require a flat surface, and thus can no longer be stacked on top of each other
* Turanian and Aesir half stairs have been updated to connect correctly with other building pieces
* Turanian, Aesir and Stormglass half stairs have had their icons corrected for left and right variants
* Sorcerer Skull can now be placed

* Followers no longer suddenly decay / disappear upon updating the save game to Age of War
* Grey Rhinos now have increased health; and the baseline health modifier for pets in general was raised from 1.2 to 1.6 giving all pets a slight increase in health
* Hecker the Henpecked Blacksmith is back where he belongs

* “Claim heroic treasure” challenge now completed properly also when placed close to the coffer’s maximum radius
* Shaman Warpaint no longer glows in the dark
* Resetting key binding on a controller no longer works only once per session
* The “Select” action prompt on the menu screens will no longer change based on an unrelated controller setting
* Rebinding or resetting a controller option will no longer move the field selection afterward
* Fixed an issue causing some text to sometimes flicker on the controller rebinding screen
* "Toggle Emotes Menu" controller rebind option is now under the “Menus” category
* Stygian and Vanir Shields are now crafted at the Armorer’s Benches like other shields
* Prying Kit no longer reduces a weapon’s durability when used to remove the effect of a Weapon Damage Kit
* Prying Kit no longer removes oils
* Blackheart Blade and Blackheart Hammer are no longer erroneously marked as "Legendary", and also now have the correct border
* Repairing Grindstone will no longer reset timers for equipment that have oils applied
* The Heartpiercer bow now correctly works as a demonic bow; it does not run out of arrows, but it has a predetermined longevity of an hour
* Ymir’s Targe and Scorpion Ward shields now provide Cold Resistance
* Fixed an issue where Katana special attacks would use up too much stamina if performed after the first light or heavy attack
* Tweaked Ancient Pike to correct values, as it is *not* an Epic weapon
* Blunted Javelin now does 1 health damage, as intended
* Voidforge Arrow no longer has a legendary descriptor

* Updated images for Lost Dungeon building set
* Abyssal armor and weapons now display durability meter instead of perish timer
* Treasure names are now properly localized in the coffer’s treasure value list
* Heroic Treasure names now properly show localized named after being dropped
* Elixir buffs now show the same icons as the Elixir to differentiate between them
* Hardened Steel Great Axe now has an icon]]>
The Age of War Is Here! Thu, 22 Jun 2023 16:01 CEST “... but not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood, restless harbingers of violence and bloodshed, knowing no other path...”

- Robert E. Howard, A Witch Shall Be Born


The land trembles beneath boots of war. Stygia has come!

The first Chapter of the Age of War is here, with combat improvements, clan hoards and clan emblems!

Fighting for your life in Conan Exiles has never felt more rewarding. Test the strength of your steel against updated enemy balance and hone your skill with revised stamina costs that improve the ebb and flow of combat. Additional changes include a new item repair system, and tweaks to how stuns work. See all the details in the full patch notes below.

Plunder the treasures of the land and bring them back to your base to display them as unique placeable trophies. Some treasures are easier to carry than others. If successfully brought back, your trusty Treasurer will add it to your tally. You will be able to put your riches to use in later Chapters.

Clan Emblems

Band together under a custom symbol to face the enemies without. Choose from several symbols and backgrounds and place them on banners, shields, armor, and more!

Age of War Roadmap

Stay alert, for the war is just beginning. Our content roadmap gives you a glimpse of what’s in store, but it does not reveal all, so keep your eye out for more news.

The Age of War is an exciting new theme after the Age of Sorcery, and we can’t wait for you to wet your blades in the frenzy of battle!

Free Week

Conan Exiles is free to try from now until next week! During this time and beyond we're applying some hefty discounts:

Conan Exiles: 60% off
Isle of Siptah: 20% off
All DLCs: 25% off

Needless to say, if you have friends who have been looking for some prime Conan time, it's time to get 'em online!

Please note that although we always add full patch notes, we do not translate them.
  • Game builds now use shipping configuration instead of test configuration. This means servers must be started with the “ConanSandboxServer-Win64-Shipping.exe” executable instead of “ConanSandboxServer-Win64-Test.exe”
  • Fixed a “Connection lost” issue that has proven elusive but finally got nailed down
  • Cleaned up some Console Log spam
  • Various optimization, crash fixes, and clean-up
  • Fixed a number of known exploits.
  • Clan Emblems let you unify your clan under a custom symbol to face the enemies without. Choose from several symbols and backgrounds and display them proudly on banners, shields, armor and more!
    • New work station: Clan Totems
      • Totems with cultural themes
      • Used to combine images and colors to make an emblem to represent your clan
      • Shows your clans current emblem on the totem
      • Clan emblems are displayed on clan armor, shields, banners, etc.
      • Requires permissions in clan to edit emblem
    • Emblems appear on bespoke assets:
      • Wall Banners
      • Carpets
      • Flag Banners
      • Shields
      • Horse caparison
  • Clan Hoards are a new feature for you to find treasure, bring it home, and display it at your base.
    • Place any treasure placeables within the coffers radius to contribute to the personal hoard and the clan hoards totals. Treasures can also be placed directly in the chest next to the Treasurer NPC. Interact with the Treasurer NPC to check the hoard values.
    • Heavy treasures are special treasures found in the world that have to be carried home. You must make your way back to the base while carrying the treasure, it will not be added to your inventory.
  • New challenges are implemented:
    • Apply a Clan Emblem
    • Build a Coffer
    • Place 3 Small Treasures
    • Claim a heavy treasure
    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 1000
    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 5000
    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 10000
  • New Age of War Chapter 1 Battle Pass including new pets, armor, emotes, and more! Rewards are focused on Stygian and Nordheimer lore - including the new Stygian War Tent Set and Nordheimer and Stygian armors.
    • New functionality: horse caparisons, emblems, weapon emotes
  • New Age of War Chapter 1 Bazaar items, including new pets, armor, emotes, and more!
    • New functionality: horse caparisons, emblems, weapon emotes
  • New Twitch Drops starting with Midnight Caparison. Follow our social media channels for more info on when these drop campaigns start!
  • Foundations no longer have an “Outer Face” indicator
  • Improved feedback on why an object can not be moved
  • Illusions now properly appear on the Armor Display
  • Containers picked up through removing their support now drop their inventory into yours, just as if you had picked it up directly
  • Arena door now fit properly in its frame
  • Cursed Tree is now more lenient for placement purposes
  • Truncheons are now displayed correctly on weapon display racks
  • Rocknose Figurine now has the correct icon and can be placed in the world, and will be available again through Twitch in the near future
  • Turanian L Stairs have had their names corrected with regards to Left and Right turns
  • Storage Container: Mining now accepts additional item types
  • Hanging Garden plants no longer lose their foliage
  • Recipes for Potion of Natural Learning and the Bestial Memory has been moved off of Midnight Alchemist and are now part of the Firebowl Cauldron knowledge. The Raw Ash ingredient for both these potions has been removed as a requirement for crafting them.
  • Yellow Lotus Potion no longer resets attributes or knowledge, and instead provides a Stamina buff
  • Fixed an issue where certain placeables would return the wrong materials when dismantled
  • Prying Kit now correctly removes effect from Blunted and Balanced Weapon Fittings
  • Blacksmith Bench no longer modifies Blood-Moon Bow and Bite of the Huntress stats
  • Faded Purple Dye and Full Purple Dye are now less pink and more purple
  • Golem crafting stations acquired from the Bazaar now have the same build costs as those found through game play, except that Blood Crystal Golem Workbench requires Blood Crystals
  • Purple Lotus Orb recipe now correctly requires both Black and Purple Lotus
  • Charcoal Kiln now has the correct fuel displayed in the crafting formula
  • Crystalline Visage Armor now has the correct icons
  • Fragment of Power has been removed from most crafting recipes
  • Wells now require 50 Tar (down from 300), and 100 Steel Reinforcement (down from 300) for tier 2
  • NPCs now have a smaller area of attack (hit box) with their first heavy attack with Two-Handed Spear weapons
  • NPCs can now actually hit with their off-hand daggers
  • Some NPCs have had their area of attack with daggers reduced as it was too large
  • See Balance Updates below!
  • Thralls will no longer have strange textures in certain situations while placing them
  • Dragons are less twitchy in uneven terrain
  • Abandoned thralls now correctly disappear over time
  • Interacting with Wight Horse will now mount it instead of opening its inventory
  • Greater Komodo Dragon can now apply poison when attacking
  • Pet Rats now have collision
  • Fixed an issue where a specific attack for Rocknoses would cause them to never hit your character
  • A number of NPCs who would always face east have been told to respect the designers' orders
  • Greater Hyena pets no longer stop attacking after the second round of aggression
  • Enemies no longer have a moment of doubt (most visible on resting Kappas) and instead immediately decide to maul you when you hurt them
  • Rocknoses and other creatures now start in their prepared state (for example already hiding) instead of moving to that state once you spot them
  • Cats are now lighter
  • Deformed Bears now show properly when placed
  • All Battle Pass and Bazaar pets now have proper attributes and leveling gains
  • Light from Radium Gem Golem Head has been tweaked
  • Fixed the damage output of Blood Moon Beast boss from The Fractured Citadel
  • Kurak’s gas is no longer considered a poison, and thus having the Petrified perk doesn’t protect against it
  • We've rebalanced several systems with the intention of making it more dynamic, tactical, and deadly, while also addressing several concerns from the community, such as the usefulness and power level of Legendary weapons.
  • We've recategorized many items. The new classifications are: "Unique", "Epic", and "Legendary". Legendary items are end-game items that cannot be crafted. Epic items are end-game items that can be crafted, such as Khari Steel, Hardened Steel, Venomsteel, Star Metal, etc. Unique items are the best-in-tier; a unique steel dagger is the best steel dagger you might find, but it will not be better than a Legendary or Epic dagger.
    • Journeys that required crafting Legendary items now instead require crafting Epic items
  • Animals and monsters are now generally speaking more deadly but have significantly less health, making dodging and blocking more important in combat. Humans (including thralls) have had their health reduced, but still vary in threat level between tribes as before.
    • Alpha animals (1 skull) are now much closer to the strength of their animal type
    • Champions (2 skulls) can now be found among the tribes and drop Unique items (see above)
    • World bosses (3 skulls) have been adjusted similarly to other enemies but the exact adjustments vary - in general expect shorter but deadlier fights
  • Stamina costs and regeneration adjustments
    • Stamina cost for weapons have been greatly increased, from numbers ranging 3-9 to numbers ranging 10-40
    • Stamina cost for jumping has increased to 8, and an extra Stamina cost of 16 for double-jump has been introduced
    • The stamina regen pause has been decreased from several seconds to 0.1 seconds, thus you will start regenerating stamina a lot sooner than before. Related server default values have been changed, and will be force-set upon patching (server admins beware!):
      • StaminaRegenerationTime = 1.75 (was 3.75)
      • StaminaOnConsumeRegenPause = 0.1 (was 1.5)
      • StaminaOnExhaustionRegenPause = 0.1 (was 2.75)
      • StaminaLightArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0
      • StaminaLightArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0
      • StaminaLightArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0
      • StaminaLightArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0
      • StaminaLightArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0
      • StaminaMediumArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9
      • StaminaMediumArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9
      • StaminaMediumArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9
      • StaminaMediumArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9
      • StaminaMediumArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9
      • StaminaHeavyArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85
      • StaminaHeavyArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85
      • StaminaHeavyArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85
      • StaminaHeavyArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85
      • StaminaHeavyArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85
    • The gray-out post-processing effect for when you run out of stamina has been removed, as you will no longer be out of stamina for very long.
  • Weapon adjustments
    • Heavy attacks will do more damage than before, ranging from 5% to 20% more damage, depending on weapon type
    • Shields have had their base durability halved
    • Heavy attacks will always apply special effects such as bleed or sunder, except when sprinting
    • Short swords now apply Bleed on heavy attacks
    • Two-Handed Axes now apply Cripple on heavy attacks
    • Combo multipliers adjustments
      • First Heavy attack for One-Handed Axes decreased from 1.5 to 1.2
      • Katana Special attack increased from 0.6 to 1
      • One-Handed Sword, 4th Heavy attack increased from 1.5 to 2
      • Kicks, Backflips and the Katana Special attack has had their combo multiplier Stamina cost reduced
  • Repair adjustments
    • Legendary repair kits have been renamed to "Grandmaster Repair Kits"
    • Armor Patch kits have been renamed to “Armor Repair Kits”
    • Cost for crafting repair kits have been doubled
    • Weight for repair kits have been lowered to 0.1
    • Legendary and Unique items can not be repaired in any way
    • Max Durability for Unique and Legendary items have been greatly increased
    • Adding a weapon/armor/tool modification kit no longer reduces max durability
    • The Max Durability reduction from Prying kits have been reduced from 50% to 30%
    • Returns from dismantling items has been greatly increased
    • All repair kits now work on all tiers of weapons and armor (but not Unique and Legendary ones), but lower the max durability of the item by 2.5% to 20% (of original max durability) depending on the tier of the repair kit
    • Using a Repairing Grindstone will repair all items on your hotkey bar, also reducing max durability on all of them
  • Enemies can no longer break their stun-lock state
  • Dead Golem followers no longer yield too many Blood Crystals when harvested
  • Turanian and Yamatai Epic armors no longer give too much heat and cold resist
  • The Tower of the Elephant achievement has been tweaked so that it now require a minimum of two people on top of before death by stompers
  • Heritance will no longer be modified
  • Target lock improvements and fixes
    • Added multiple target lock points on large enemies
    • Target lock will no longer switch to a new target automatically when the current target is killed or lost
    • Target lock is now broken by enemies using certain actions like burrowing or going invisible
    • Target lock will no longer snap to another target immediately upon activation due to the controller thumbstick not being centered
    • Target lock no longer works on dialogue NPCs
  • DropEquipmentOnDeath server setting now has three options:
    • Lose nothing on death (0)
    • Lose everything on death (1; default)
    • Lose backpack inventory on death (2)
  • New diving animation! To dive, hit the Crouch key before reaching the apex of a jump.
  • Added gamepad / controller rebinding support under Settings
  • Bind Wisp is now a toggle spell
  • Detect Resources is now a toggle spell
  • Eighty Shades of Pink now also teaches the "Seduce" emote
  • Chicken Dance now counts towards the challenges for dancing
  • Pet and Thrall conversion time has been significantly reduced
  • Entering and leaving a dungeon no longer makes grass refuse to make way for your constructions
  • Added a minimum of light around a character even when not carrying a light source. This still needs some tweaking for different environments.
  • Gold and silver bars now have greater stack sizes
  • Starving characters will no longer die while offline
  • Token of friendship should now only give 1 Thunn Ha Ally
  • Charcoal now has an icon and the correct description
  • Forlorn weapons now correctly display under the weapons categories
  • Equipping only Aesir Raider leggings no longer part of the legs invisible
  • Several fixes for the Journey system
    • Auto Switch Next Journey setting will now always pick a new Journey, even if there is not a default progression from the one just completed
    • Dregs now correctly unlocks the Dungeon Delver Journey
    • Leyshrines now correctly unlocks the Surge Defender Journey
    • Assigning a thrall to any crafting station now correctly completes the Thrall Taker Journey step
    • The step to find the Sorcerer’s Grotto now triggers reliably once you have gone further into the grotto itself
    • Placing a foal into a stable will now complete the relevant step correctly
    • Several steps that would auto-complete no longer do so
    • Steps that require interaction with specific workbenches now also accept the improved version of those workbenches
    • Steps that unlock on specific Feats now unlock also for characters that had those Feats from before
    • The step to level a thrall/pet now correctly triggers also on going from level 0 to level 1
    • Harvesting Plant Fiber from Berry bushes will now also trigger the steps for collecting plant fibers
    • Artificer Journey now correctly unlocks from Fine Metal Crafts
    • Journey step to Wear a piece of Epic Armor no completes only with Epic Armor
    • Balanced Iron Poniards Knowledge are now hidden until the correct Journey is resolved
    • Several Journey step descriptions pointing to the wrong location or workstation have been corrected
    • Journey step “Summon Protection of Gods” description corrected
    • Corrected the icon displayed for several Journey steps
    • Tanner Journey no longer has “Learn Tanner” as a step, since it has it as a requirement for unlocking the Journey
    • Interacting with a built trebuchet will now also trigger the Journey step to Complete Building a Trebuchet
    • Corrected typos in some Journey step descriptions
    • Journey system now properly updates Journeys added or removed by mods
    • The “Learn a Delved Schematic” step in the Delver Journey can now be passed by using any scroll from the Voidforge, even if you have that knowledge from before. In addition, if you have all the Knowledges from the Voidforge it will automatically resolve.
    • The “Upgrade an Altar to the final level” step in the High Priest Journey will no longer give credit for crafting a Retreat of Jhebbal Sag, and instead correctly require the tier 3 Grove of Jhebbal Sag to be built.
  • Foliage now display properly on Isle of Siptah on PlayStation
  • Removed the collision from the small flags on top of the Stygian invader ships on the Isle of Siptah
  • Fixed a number of inverted normals on planks at the Black Hand Galleon in the Exiled Lands
  • Repopulated a camp in the Exiled Lands near the river
  • Exiting Midnight Grove no longer runs risk of underwater teleportation
  • It no longer rains or snows in Lockstone cave
  • Female NPCs will no longer use male animations in certain situations in Solo/Co-op games
  • Characters will now always face the correct direction when sitting down in chairs, and not get stuck in them anymore
  • Bows too now have an idle animation
  • Bigfoot’s throwing animation and projectile launch now match up
  • Large creatures now stutter less when climbing slopes
  • Knockback animations from shield blocks are now smoother
  • Our valiant #spellchekker team has gone to war against the armies of Typus Maximus and came victorious. Ish.
  • Our prestigious international #spellchekker team has saved the day once again by fixing a number of los typos in the localized versions of the game.
  • Activating the inventory shortcut while on another interface screen now only closes that screen, and no longer switches to the inventory.
  • Respawn interface will now take a small moment to appear, to allow a moment of dread and/or laughter before being asked to do it all again. The death camera has also been tweaked to improve the experience.
  • Pristine Khari Daggers now both show up on their icon
  • All elephants now have visible health bars
  • Dying by passing through the Cursed Wall will no longer in certain cases open several unrelated interface windows
  • Inventory grid no longer displays on top of the Info and Split buttons on Xbox
  • Stables and Animal Pens Rename button can now be navigated to with controller
  • Character Copy window can now be closed with Esc on keyboard or Back on controller
  • Avatar controls now show and work correctly also when doing the summoning from inventory
  • Dryer now visually shows dried meat in it
  • Show Journey Steps setting now correctly applies in all situations
  • A new icon for Skeleton Key has been made to distinguish it better from other keys in the game
  • Zeal being stolen is now messaged only when Zeal is actually being stolen
  • Loot and interaction windows now work properly in the start area of Well of Skelos
  • Added text to the (at first) empty Sorcery Knowledge tab.
  • Long localized Journey descriptions now have reduced text size to fit in the description box
  • Battle Pass reward display will no longer show two characters under certain conditions
  • Corrected descriptions for several floor and wall paints
  • Added missing translations to some items and buttons
  • Acid now makes sound when hitting shields
  • Corrected some sound issues in the Settings menu
  • Certain doors in Isle of Siptah Vaults will no longer play looping sounds
  • Cats shake quieter now
  • Interacting with the Armor Display now plays the correct sound
Clan Hoards and Emblems in the Age of War Tue, 20 Jun 2023 17:00 CEST
In only a few days, the cries of the dying will rend the air. Will you join them, or live to fight another day?

We hope you enjoyed last week's Combat Design deep dive by our Lead Designer Dennis. Today, we leap into two new features coming in the first chapter of the Age of War – Clan Hoards and Clan Emblems.

Clan Hoards

If you've dreamed of building a vault and filling it with treasure that you've found on your adventures, then we have good news, because that's exactly what this is! As you explore the world, you will now have a chance of finding treasure in chests and on the bodies of vanquished enemies in the form of coins or other valuable objects.

To designate an area for your hoard, you must craft a Treasure Coffer and place it within your base. This will create a circle within which you can place your treasure. Your personal treasurer, who stands next to the Coffer, will tally up your total hoard's worth.

Your growing hoard will display in two ways - through piles of coins, and through placeable objects. Most treasure will sit snugly in your inventory space, but not heavy treasures. These exceptional trophies must be lugged back to your base in your hands, through wilderness and enemies.

How will you spend this mighty hoard, you ask? Besides the inherent satisfaction of seeing your base overflowing with gold and hard-earned trophies, you will in later chapters be able to spend your amassed riches on certain... aid. We will share more on this later.

A clan is by no means required to have a hoard. If you prefer to build your own personal vault, on a mountaintop, and let no one lay eyes upon it, under the penalty of death, that's your prerogative. In Conan Exiles, the edge of your weapon makes the rules. Well, that and server settings.

Clan Emblems

In Chapter 1 of Age of War, you'll be able to create a custom emblem that represents your clan. The emblem can be crafted through the new Clan Emblem Workbench. Here, you can combine a main symbol, based on various cultures, and a background. The color for each of these is also up to you.

Once your emblem is done, you'll be able to display it on armor, shields, banners, and more. Hang your banner at the entry to your clan's base to make it clear who rules here.

Bringing players together, for war!

Both of these features are designed to be enjoyed as a solo player and in multiplayer. On a PvP server, if you're killed while carrying treasure, another player can pick it up and bring it to their base in their inventory. You can of course also raid another player or clan's base and rob them blind! If you plunder another player or clan’s hoard, you must carry it away in a heavy sack. While doing so, you will move slowly and be unable to defend yourself.

With emblems, clan members and their bases will become immediately identifiable (should they want to be), as they can carry their emblem on their gear and hang it on walls. To increase the social aspect further yet, the default server settings will now show which players are online at all times.

As we stand at the precipice of this new age, we can't wait to see you all take the plunge. And as you experience the tragedy and glory of plunder and war with other clans, do not forget that Stygia is coming...

Age of War, Chapter 1 releases on June 22.]]>