TestLive Update [01.09.2018]

Posted on September 2nd, 2018 11:45 AM EST
Happy Saturday Exiles!

We have a new set of changes for you guys and girls on TestLive.
Let me take this opportunity to once more thank you all for your help in working with us so closely.
We are running some performance tests on TestLive which is the reason that the servers can be laggy at times, so please bare with us. We do keep server restarts in mind as we monitor the servers for performance and will do so as needed.

As mentioned on stream on Friday evening, we are also working on Purge fixes but they didn’t make it to TestLive just yet. Stay tuned for updates on this soon.

  • Beehives will now behave differently:
    Over time, they will collect honey. In addition to this, it’s possible to find bees in the world once in a while by gathering flowers (Midnight blue, aloe, etc). Worker Bees will produce extra honey and Queen Bees (rare from only specific flowers and lotuses) will produce a lot more honey before they are consumed.
  • Pets will now get a buff if they eat their preferred food:
    If you match a thrall’s preferred diet, they will now gain a bonus buff. This way, if you do care about the specifics of each companion type, you can get a temporary short-term advantage. You can still feed them whatever you want to prevent them from decaying. This also means you can buff your companions right before battle. A server setting (disabled by default) will allow you to make diet matching mandatory if that’s what you prefer.
  • Pets now have a special hunger animations
  • Corrected Healthpool of the White Tiger
  • Corrected HealthPool l for Hyenas and Shoebills
  • Koros the Brave has expanded his range of wares and has now more than just Shoebill eggs for sale
  • Dead Demonic Spider and Green and Pink Shoebills now drop carcasses when harvested
  • Fixed an issue with some NPCS in Midnight Grove not attacking the player
  • Fixed an issue with wolves not using all their available attacks
  • Fixed an issue with Bosses in the Midnight Grove not spawning properly
  • You will no longer meet your demise while exiting the Midnight Grove.
  • Fixed an issue with the Sign of Jhebbal Sag turning the Crocodile World Boss into Werewolf types
  • Fixed an issue with Werewolves spawning from Sign of Jhebbal Sag dispawning too fast
  • Fixed an issue with certain Shadespiced Stew versions not being able to be prepared
  • Pet inventories are now only accessible by their respective owners
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s feeding box would also feed random other pets
  • Fixed an issue where crafting an animal pen for the first time would use the resources but not create a placeable
  • Fixed scrolling for the feeding box if the amount of owned pets would succeed 6.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to refresh the server list
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to queue crafting processes
  • Fixed a tooltip issue when a player character is unarmed
  • Fixed an issue where thrall inventories could be exploited to carry more items than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Archer Thralls would produce infinite amount of special arrows.
  • Landscape loading improvement for the Midnight Grove
  • Art improvements for the Midnight Grove regarding the Hyena Path
  • Removed and updated areas inside Midnight Grove where the player could potentially get stuck
  • Fixed several visual seams in Midnight Grove
  • Removed the “Temp” exit out of the Midnight Grove to something less “Temp”
  • Fixed an issue with Sandstorms damaging players in the Swamp Area.
  • Items that are currently being used as ingredients in a crafting process will no longer be displayed as an available resource
  • Added pet and hunger system server settings to the admin panel
  • Honey now stacks up to 100
  • Attempting to clan invite a player that is already in a clan will not trigger a popup with a warning.
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