PC Hotfix (02.07.2019)

Posted on July 2nd, 2019 06:17 AM EST
Dear exiles!

It's time for a quick hotfix to take care of some issues that popped up after the most recent patch[forums.funcom.com]. This patch includes fixes for poison on daggers, acid arrows, and a Grit perk fix.

  • Acid arrows now cost more to craft and instead of doing 10 damage to durability per tick, they do 1 damage per tick.
  • Dagger weapons now apply 2 poison stacks per hit instead of 3.
  • Specter Coating can no longer apply negative effects on players and the weight of it has been reduced by half

  • Changed how bandages work - It is now possible to remove bleeds instantly using Bandages. Doing so will put a small cripple effect on you instead. Bandages can now also be used while in combat.

  • Acid arrows no longer do damage outside PvP Raid-time
  • Fixed an issue where the Fluid Swings Perk (40 Grit) was always in effect
  • The Jhebbal Sag potion again grants +8 Accuracy
  • The icons for the building competition paintings have found their way back into the game
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