[UPDATE] PSA: Removal of illegal structures and Avatar Summoning re-enabled in upcoming patch

Posted on June 18th, 2019 05:15 AM EST
Hey everybody,

We have a new update to share about the upcoming fix for illegal structures. We've been gathering feedback for the past few days and there has been a lot of confusion and frustration regarding the extent of this fix and how there were some situations in which the initial wipe could or could not target some edge case scenarios.

With the above in mind, we've decided to reschedule the launch of this fix on Monday, June 24th 2019. We're also going to spend a little more time refining the patch, adding extra measures to prevent all the associated issues this problem caused, limiting the potential destruction the wipe could bring, as well as giving you all an extended chance to test if this fix and its wipe is going to affect your constructions.

We went ahead and released a new Testlive patch on Saturday, June 15th, that included some of the new building placement rules (among many other new cool features and content). This way, we're giving you an opportunity to see these new changes in action for yourself, evaluate the reach of this fix and prepare for what's to come once it releases. Please note that the version of the fix present in Testlive is not the final one, as we've just added the part that could affect honest constructions the most. In particular, we've reworked the way fence foundations can be placed and which sockets they have available.

For clarification's sake, this is exactly what the wipe and final placement rules are going to do once the patch finally hits PC on MONDAY 24th:
  • Overlapping structures (that is, structures that SHARE THE SAME, COMPLETE SPOT IN SPACE) will be merged and combined into one. Stability should be minimally affected.
  • Fence foundations built in a cross shape will suffer the wipe the most. One of the pieces tangled in the cross formation will be deleted. Stability will be affected depending on how much of your structure relies on those fence foundations.
  • Connectivity and game stability and performance issues related to illegal placement will be fixed. This part of the fix is not on Testlive but it will be incorporated into the final live patch.
With that being said, we're aiming to release the current Testlive patch live on all platforms on Monday as well, including all the good stuff it already has in it, plus the illegal building final touches and a few extra tweaks. If you haven't done so already, you can read the full notes for the Testlive patch here.

This brings us to another big change coming with this patch. As you can read in the patch notes, the Shrine protection (AKA "God bubbles") bug is finally squashed and included in that same patch. With that in mind, we are going to re-enable Avatar Summoning on all official server once this patch hits live!

If you're willing to try this patch out by yourself, you can follow the steps listed below the notes to download the Testlive client. We'd be incredibly grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes of your time and send us your feedback regarding this patch and the new dungeon either in the patch notes' thread or in the Testlive section[forums.funcom.com].

If you still have additional questions and concerns about the building placement fix and wipe, you can share them with us in this feedback and questions thread[forums.funcom.com]. We'll try to answer your questions the best we can, always keeping in mind our Community Guidelines[forums.funcom.com].

Thank you all for your feedback and patience.
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