PSA: Removal of illegal structures in upcoming patch

Posted on June 13th, 2019 09:47 AM EST
Hey everybody,

Our team has been working on a fix to address a critical issue concerning overlapping building pieces that could cause performance and stability problems. We’ve been evaluating options and possible alternatives for the past couple of weeks since this fix can be aggressive to buildings already in place. However, due to the severity of this problem we’ve decided to go ahead with the original fix.

Once this patch hits live, on June 18th 2019, on all official PC servers, any overlapping building pieces that have been built (building pieces occupying the same space) will be removed from all official servers, for instance fence foundations and ceilings.

If you don’t understand what the above means, you probably shouldn’t worry about it. If you feel like this might affect your constructions, we’re issuing this announcement FIVE days in advance so you can take appropriate actions to correct your structures before the patch hits live. Once that happens, it is highly likely that if your base relies on the structure formations above mentioned it will suffer stability issues and parts of it can crumble.

This patch will be released ON PC, TUESDAY 18th 2019, and it will affect ALL OFFICIAL SERVERS.

We understand the gravity of the consequences of this fix and we’ve evaluated other less destructive solutions, but we agreed that only this way we can correctly fix this issue.This is why we’re giving you a weekend of preparation before we release this patch.

Thanks for your feedback and support, and apologies for any frustration this fix can cause.
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