Testlive Patch Notes (28/06/2018)

Posted on June 28th, 2018 08:48 AM EST
We have a new patch available on the Testlive branch for you! This will update the Khitan armors to have the right repair cost, help armorer thralls re-learn how to make Hyena Fur Armor, and fix a nasty connection bug.

You can leave Testlive feedback in the comments or in this thread[forums.funcom.com] on our forums.

Testlive Patch Notes (28/06/2018):

  • Fixed repair-cost issue with Khitan armors
  • Fixed a balance issue for DLC building pieces
  • Walls in the Volcano dungeon should no longer be climbable
  • Updated collision on large trees to allow building nearby
  • Fence foundations should be attachable to regular Foundations and Wedge Foundations
  • Khitan Stars can now be easily upgraded to Khitan Stairs with rails
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't open the admin panel after opening it during an Avatar summoning
  • All kinds of Hyena Fur Armor should now be accessible
  • Fixed a bug where dropping multiple items wouldn't combine them into one big bag
  • Fixed an issue where the Journey Step UI would reset after logging out and logging back in
  • Game now displays the correct error message when a player tries to join a co-op session while it's closing down.
  • Fixed an issue where a thrall would disappear when moving them out of the thrall slot
  • Tethering Distance slider should no longer be grayed out in the New Game's Custom sub-menu
  • Fixed an issue where thralls would use shields once, then never again
  • Fixed an issue where logging off after placing down a new building piece could result in an infinite loading loop
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