TestLive Patch Notes (03.07.2018)

Posted on July 3rd, 2018 03:40 PM EST
Hey all! We got a new TestLive build out so make sure to update your game. This version is 102881/18608.
Please be sure to read our post about what’s happening in the upcoming weeks here:

Patch Notes

We’ve added more control for clans in the form of hierarchy options:
  1. As a first step, we added a new “recruit” clan level, which is the default level after joining a clan.
  2. Vaults will after the patch only be accessible by clan “members”, “officers” and “guild leaders”.
  3. Recruits have to be promoted manually to a higher level in order to access vaults.

Terrain Fixes
  • Patched up holes in the towers within the volcano that previously allowed players to get inside.
  • Added building blocking near the Shrine of Oracle.
  • Patched a hollow area inside the Bridge of the Betrayer so you can no longer build inside it.
  • Fixed the terrain in The Pit so it’s no longer possible to get under it.
  • Patched up a place in the Boundary Spillway that was possible to get inside.
  • Fixed a pocket inside a mountain at “The Crevice” that could previously be built into.

Additional Notes
  • Fixed an issue where traps would remain in the air after dismantling the structure they were placed on.
  • Added sound effects for dismantling placeables and crafting stations.
  • Fixed an issue with foundations where it was possible to create a double layer of protection.
  • All Star Metal weapons should now equal Khitai weapons in durability, armor penetration and damage.
  • You will no longer get a loading screen if the wrong Direct Connect IP address is entered.
  • It was previously not possible to click the “OK” button after typing the wrong IP address and then timing out.
  • You can no longer place foundations on Lore Tablets.
  • Crocodiles will now attack when inside water.
  • Insulated Wood recipe now consists of 2 Resin, 1 Oil instead of just 1 Resin to bring the cost of Tier3 Black Ice buildings more on par with Tier3 stone buildings.
  • Obsidian weapon crafting has been revamped. Obsidian now requires Composite Obsidian to be crafted. This resource can only be crafted in the Volcanic Forge, and the recipe can be (re)learned from the end of the Volcano dungeon. Obsidian weapons can be crafted in any blacksmith bench as long as you have Composite Obsidian.
  • Functional Warpaints now properly decay over time.
  • NPCs should no longer rubberband, teleport, then hit you from far away.

If you're unsure how to access TestLive, you can find the directions here:
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