Christmas and Current Focus

Posted on December 11th, 2018 11:01 AM EST
Hello Exiles,

As you might have noticed, we have a new name on the forums and other assorted online places:
Please let me introduce Ignasi, our latest Community Member, to you. He’ll be working as community support and be a frequent face around these parts going forward, collecting your input and feedback as well as answering questions and making sure we have eyes in as many places as possible :slight_smile:

We’ve noticed that some of you have been asking for a Christmas holiday event and we would have loved to create one for you. However, we did learn from the mistakes with our Halloween event and would like to have a few more tools in place before we run new events. Additionally, we are currently 100% dedicated to improving outstanding needed improvements to the core game mechanics as can be seen on the new patch as well as on testlive in the coming weeks.

We did not want to run the risk of introducing additional, new things so close to Christmas vacation. It would also mean splitting up the team to work on holiday features as well as improvements and fixes. However, we do love events and are excited to bring you more events in the future.

It’s fantastic to see how much you, as a community, care and we want to make sure that you know we are here for you. Your feedback and discussions help us understand your concerns and our improvement potential. It’s also a direct inspiration for the focus we are planning to have for Conan Exiles, within the next two months.

Besides fixing general bugs, we have defined the following core aspects, that we partially worked on in the past, as detailed focus categories for the next few patches. We are dedicated to building a strong foundation for Conan Exiles for the next year, improving and expanding on the existing core mechanics before we divide our focus back to fixing AND adding new content. So, don’t panic, we are aware that new content is also needed.

The Purge is a very important PvE aspect of the game and while it has worked on a technical level, it never really did hit the mark and confused a lot of players. We’ve seen your passion for this mechanic and your critique and reports. We are currently working on several significant improvements coding and design wise. We hope to have a lot of these updates ready for TestLive before Christmas so we can collect input and feedback from the community testing the improvements and changes over the holidays.

In the past, we tried to fix exploits as fast as possible. However in-between additional bug fixes and improvements we couldn’t focus as much as we wanted on this area. We are now setting aside a dedicated period to go over all the remaining reports we couldn’t focus on previously and will address as many as we can.

A very big fix for the undermeshing issue is in an internal build and undergoing checks with QA. It will go to TestLive next week.

We have been working on faster loading times and general optimizations for buildings. Conan Exiles has hardly any limits in place for how big you can build, and we are especially excited to have you test these improvements. We will write more about this and show you just how much faster your loading times will be once this patch is going to TestLive next week.

AI and THRALL improvements are one additional, very important aspect. We want pets and thralls to feel rewarding. This part will include improvements regarding thrall attack patterns, swimming/moving with thralls, giving you more info what’s happening or happened with your thrall/pets and further fixes to thralls falling through floors, to only name a few examples. More importantly we will be working directly with your feedback on additional settings and mechanics for your pets and thralls in the form of defensive and aggressive stances as well as other suggestion we collected from our forums.

We saw your many votes on the Trello board and are actively looking into options of how to improve the issues we have seen reported. This needs some testing on our part and decisions going forward for the different platforms. I am sorry we can’t give you more detailed info at the moment but rest assured that we are aware of how important this is to your RP communities and that we are on the case.

This are the things that we are dedicating our full attention to for the next two month (including December) and you should see these being patched out to TestLive in quick succession. We do of course also have new exciting things for you in store but for now the focus is on improving the core aspects of Conan Exiles to build a strong foundation for future additions :slight_smile:
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