Halloween Hotfix (1.11.2018)

Posted on November 1st, 2018 08:58 AM EST
Hey everyone,

Today, we're rolling out a hotfix to take care of the most reported issues with the Halloween update released yesterday. We want to thank our community for reporting these issues to us and for staying patient and positive as we fixed them.

In this hotfix we're tweaking the game so it will be easier for players to see in the eternal twilight, while also balancing the loot drops from the Halloween meteors. The T2 doors are also getting fixed.

If it's still too dark for you you can also tweak the following server settings (in game or in an .ini file) to the following values. This will make it less dark:
  • DayCycleSpeedScale=9.000000
  • DayTimeSpeedScale=0.10000
  • NightTimeSpeedScale=10.000000
  • DawnDuskSpeedScale=5.000000
If you do not wish to participate in the Halloween event, there will be a build available on our Testlive[forums.funcom.com] branch without the Halloween content, but otherwise identical to the current live version.

If you switch branches and play single-player, you might want to **take a backup copy of your game.db file** to avoid potentially losing your save data.

Server admins might also want to back up their server's game.db file for people to be able to continue with their characters on your server, just in case.

How to find and copy your game.db
  • Open Steam and go to your library
  • Right click on Conan Exiles and choose Properties
  • Find and select the tab marked "Local Files" and click the "Browse Local Files" button. A Windows Explorer folder should now pop up
  • Go to ConanSandbox --> Saved to find your game.db file
  • Make a copy of it in an easily accessible place on your computer
  • Once you've patched to the Testlive branch, simply drop the game.db file you copied before into the Saved folder, replacing what's already there, and you can continue playing as you normally would

  • Fixed T2 doors so you cannot walk through them
  • Removed Star Metal Picks, Skeleton Keys and other types of ├╝ber loot from meteors
  • Meteor fragments that have been harvested or disappeared won't leave a particle trail behind
  • Changed speed of day on official servers so it will not get as dark during the Halloween event
  • Added auto exposure to compensate for the darkness and make things a bit brighter

An equivalent patch is also being made for consoles, but we're looking into fixing the spammy meteors first.
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