Age of War - Chapter 4: Hotfix News & More

Posted on April 5th, 2024 11:31 AM EST
Greetings Exiles!

Age of War - Chapter 4 is well underway, and we've been busy delving into your comments and thoughts from the update! We'd like to take a moment to share some info around the release, clarify some things, and give you a heads-up on what's immediately ahead:

Amended Patch Notes
There were some additional changes to stamina regen, crafting balance, and Official Server harvest rates introduced in Chapter 4 that were not included in the patch notes on release. We've updated the patch notes to reflect these changes. You can find the updated notes HERE.[]

An Upcoming Hotfix!
We are currently preparing a hotfix with the *aim* of releasing later next week. - the following hot issues are among those to be addressed:
  • Return of the the custom item split window
  • A better solution for items not being able to be moved consistently within or between inventory containers
  • Right click once again consumes items
  • Selecting Items on the radial wheel will provide item information
  • Using torches and bindings while mounted
  • Additional tweaks for Fatalities
  • Bearer Thrall HP changes reverted *(for now)*

As soon as we have more details on the contents and release date for the hotfix, we'll let you know. Thank you for your continued feedback!

Battle Pass
In Chapter 4, we revamped the way you earn XP and progress through your Battle Pass. Unfortunately, precise details of this revamp were not properly communicated to you, and we apologize for any confusion or panic caused in the opening days of the update.

Here's how Battle Pass XP now works, in a bit more detail:

  • Every week, three (3) Challenges are rotated in. Challenges each always grant 2500 XP upon completion.
  • Defeating NPC foes grants XP per kill, varying between types of enemies. Harmless creatures like prey animals grant minuscule amounts of XP, while tougher foes like World Bosses grant significantly more; up to 100 XP per kill.
  • Manually crafting items in benches grants some XP. You do not gain XP from crafting "basic" items from your inventory such as twine, toches, repair hammers, and the like. You also do not gain XP from automated crafting stations such as Furnaces. Crafting Epic items grants more XP than crafting normal items.
  • Harvesting resources provides a small amount of XP. The amount remains the same regardless of what you harvest.
  • The amount of XP required to progress a level in your Battle Pass has not changed (1000 XP)

We know these are significant changes to how Battle Pass progression works, so we're keeping a close eye on this.

Known Issues
We're currently aware of and investigating reports of the following:
  • Dying of “Falling through the world” in certain specific locations
  • Occasionally logging in with your character partially inside foundations
  • UI Text may be difficult to read on large displays
  • Occasional performance ‘hitch’ on consoles when navigating menus
  • Followers do not engage ambushers from the Sacred Hunt
  • Client crashes in specific areas on Isle of Siptah

We sincerely appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism you provided leading up to and after the launch of Age of War - Chapter 4. We're continually humbled by your passion and dedication and look forward to making things right for you.

Thanks for reading, Exiles. Stay tuned for more details as soon as they're available!
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