Age of War Chapter 4 releases TOMORROW!

Posted on April 1st, 2024 02:33 PM EST
Greetings, Exiles!
Chapter 3 is reaching its conclusion soon, so today we wanted to go over some things the intrepid exile may want to keep stock of before Chapter 4 releases on April 2nd! That’s tomorrow! You’ll be facing Jhebbal Sag’s Chosen, clashing steel against new foes in Purges, spilling blood with Fatalities, and even progress your Battle Pass more naturally. Let’s dive in:

The Sacred Hunt is a new limited-time event featuring the beast-god Jhebbal Sag and his champions. You can learn more about this event and the challenges you’ll face HERE!

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind is some of this new content is accessed from *after* the Siege of al-Merayah – if you haven’t stormed the fortress yet, we suggest completing that encounter before Chapter 4 releases so you can experience the new event as it unfolds.

Don’t worry – al-Merayah and its fortress are not going anywhere and will remain in place after Chapter 3 ends.

The Stygian Legion, not to be outdone by exiled rabble, have bolstered their Purges with fearsome sorcery and shadowy subterfuge. Clans guarding high-value coffers now must contend with new threats such as exploding golems, raining meteors, and thieves sneaking about!

If you and your allies plan to take on the upper echelons of the Legion’s might, plan accordingly and augment your defenses, like with the new Ballista! If you’re filling your base out with guards, Chapter 4 also introduces revamp commands for all your Followers, making fighting alongside them easier than ever. Read more about the new features HERE!

Age of War Chapter 4 is also changing the way you progress your Battle Pass – once the update goes live, you’ll receive Battle Pass XP any time you’re killing, crafting, and harvesting, while Challenges have been rebalanced to be fewer in number but greatly rewarding upon completion. It probably goes without saying, but try to finish up your Chapter 3 Battle Pass if you haven’t already!

Age of War Chapter 4 releases TOMORROW! We can’t wait to see you unleash your inner beast and paint the exiled lands red!
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