Vote for Conan Exiles in the Steam Awards!

Posted on November 22nd, 2023 10:53 AM EST
2023 was an incredible year for Conan Exiles. If you were a part of this glorious journey this year and we managed to give you a smile discovering new marvels in the Exiled Lands, please nominate us in the Labor of Love category in this year's Steam Awards.

This year, Stygians sounded their warhorns and brought the Age of War to our doorstep. Brutal, bloodthirsty warriors. Strategists. Coming to our lands, thinking they can take it oh so easily. They were wrong. You were there to block their path.

The Stygian threat was growing quickly and we needed all the help we could get. We needed resources. You plunged deep into the various dangers of The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah, looking for treasure and fortune. You found them and brought them home to your new treasure room, inside a fortress adorned with your clan emblem.

Shortly after, Stygians knocked on your door and wanted that treasure for themselves. They threw everything they could in your path, trying to tear down your walls and wear you down. They failed. You used your new defense tools to fend them off and protect your hard-earned treasure.

It's not over. Age of War - Chapter 3 is fast approaching and this time you will be knocking on the Stygians' door. It's time for retaliation. The Stygians have raised a mighty fortress among the ruins of al-Merayah and it is your duty to stop them.

But for that, you will need more fighters on your side. You will be able to build your own new tavern and attract all sorts of warriors and workers to come meet you and be a part of your conquest against the Stygians.

We have more on the horizon. Conan Exiles is truly our Labor of Love and we will keep updating it with new and exciting content in the coming years.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, Exile.

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