Discover what's coming in Age of Sorcery — Chapter 3!

Posted on February 20th, 2023 10:10 AM EST

The sun bleeds over the Exiled Lands. A strange light spears the sky as the ancient blood of the Giant Kings rises from the earth. Ritual cries shiver in the air to welcome a black dawn.

Greetings Exiles!

The Age of Sorcery has set the Exiled Lands simmering with conflict and volatile powers. In Chapter 3, you will witness and participate in its culmination as the rituals of great sorcerers clash.

Chapter 3 brings a new boss-dungeon, Golem Shaping, and a full revamp to the Journey System. Alongside the free update you will have a new Battle Pass and Store Items brimming with cosmetics.

The Story Continues

The new Chapter also advances the narrative that has been developing since the beginning of the Age of Sorcery. Every day, the world is cast in the blood red shadow of an eclipse, a portent of doom if ever there was one. Assist Mek-kamoses and discover the terrible purpose of the one behind the spread of sorcery - Kurak.

New Features
  • Boss-Dungeon - Enter a new dungeon and clash with Kurak the Age of Sorcery’s epic culmination.
  • Golem Shaping - After aeons spent crystallizing in the earth, the ancient blood of the Giant Kings has risen to the surface. Collect this new resource by defeating new monsters and animate Golems to do your bidding. This is the first time ever that a follower can be used to gather resources.
  • Journey System Revamp - The new system encourages both new and veteran players to complete each journey, taking you on unexpected adventures with valuable rewards.
  • Mek-kamoses' Spire - The spire’s light can be seen piercing the sky from across a great distance, drawing Exiles to the new hub where they will encounter Mek-kamoses and learn about the precipice before which everyone stands.

A New Battle Pass & Bazaar Cosmetics
Whether you purchase the Battle Pass or not, you can follow the story as you progress through it by completing challenges (and of course receive the free rewards, too). Here are some highlights of the long list of cosmetic weapons, armors, decorations, pets, and more that the Battle Pass and Bazaar have to offer:
  • Expanded Turanian Building Set (Bazaar)
  • Secret Passages, like a carpet-covered trapdoor (Bazaar)
  • Blood Crystal Weapons (Battle Pass and Bazaar)
  • Golem Shaping Armor Set (Battle Pass)
  • Turanian Mercenary Camel Pet (Battle Pass)
  • Golem Skin Variation (Battle Pass and Bazaar)

Community Stream
Keep your eye out for today's community stream over on our Twitch []channel, where we will show you the update in more detail and answer questions from chat.

We can't wait for you all to experience this new chapter for yourselves. We're very happy with the how Ages have allowed us to add tons of free content, while letting you support the development through the Battle Pass and Bazaar.

Keep your eye out for more news as we approach the release of Age of Sorcery — Chapter 3!
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