PC Update (06.01.2021) - Update 2.2

Posted on January 6th, 2021 08:00 AM EST
Greetings and happy new year, Exiles!

We are are starting this new year with one of our biggest bug-fixing updates ever. Update 2.2 brings some needed changes to the stamina system and how shields work, but most importantly, it focuses on delivering a big load of bugfixes across all aspects of the game.

Our team has been hard at work slashing some long-standing issues as well as some recently reported problems. We’ve focused on delivering a stronger foundation, by fixing over 200 issues -from AI to UI, and all letters in-between!

Together with these fixes, we’re also updating the stamina system to make it more consistent in its costs and less burdening, while still keeping it as a resource a skilled player should be able to master. Similar to that, blocking attacks will now consume stamina and while shield block is active stamina will now slowly regenerate.

We have also been working on QoL improvements for our modders, so they can continue to take full advantage of the modding possibilities within the game. Documentation for this changes has been provided in the Modding Discord channel, which you can read here[discord.com].

Thanks once again for your ongoing feedback and support, and stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.

New stamina and shield systems!

The Stamina system has been revamped to be more consistent across all actions. We’ve introduced the exhausted state which will replace the old and grey out of stamina state. Also, armor and encumberance will no longer increase stamina costs, but will affect the regeneration rates!
Shields have also been given some love, making them a more active feature, where skilled players will have to balance their use as any blocked attacks will now drain stamina, and having an active blocking shield will regenerate it at a slowed rate!

New building upgrade system!

Building pieces can now be upgraded or downgraded to any other pieces of
the same type! Behind the scenes, this has allowed us to present a more
robust and friendly set of tools modders can take full advantage of!

New setting to control thrall damage to players!

Want to give thralls a lesser edge when thwarting your enemies? Say no more! With this new server setting, you can now scale down (or up!) the damage followers deliver to other players!

  • Revamped stamina system!
  • Shields system overhaul!
  • New building upgrade system!
  • QoL changes for modders!
  • New setting to control thrall damage to players!
  • Tons and tons (and tons) of bug fixes!

  • Fixed an issue where the game could not be started with BattlEye enabled due to insufficient system resources.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.

  • Fixed a number of exploits used to crash a dedicated server.
  • Fixed a number of undermesh locations.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow to override healing animations.
  • Fixed an exploit in regards to obtaining infinite stamina.
  • Improved security measures against dedicated server network attacks.
  • Fixed an exploit in regards to alter character stats over normal values.

  • Revamped stamina system. More details about this are documented in the Balance Updates section.
  • Changed how shields work. More details about this are documented in the Combat Fixes section.
  • New building upgrade system. More details about this are documented in the Building and Placeable Fixes section.
    • Modding: This new system relies on GameplayTags instead of linking individual meshes in blueprints, allowing for easier access to upgrade systems. We will release detailed documentation about this change for modders in the upcoming days.
  • New server setting to control the amount of damage Thralls do to players. It can be found under Server Settings - Combat, or added manually to ServerSettings.ini (ThrallDamageToPlayersMultiplier).
  • Modding: We are deprecating E_WeaponComboType and will use String Enum instead for defining the weapon combo rules. We will release detailed documentation about this change for modders in the upcoming days.

  • Building pieces can now be upgraded or downgraded to other pieces of the same type. In addition, this allows DLC pieces to be cross-graded to other DLC pieces.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to building pieces not being fully removed when upgrading them to another tier.
  • Fixed the placement rules for Delving and Dyer’s benches so they don’t clip into the walls.
  • Fixed the Argossean Artisan Table’s collision box.
  • Buildings with updated pieces will no longer disappear after rejoining a session.
  • It’s no longer possible to stack foundation when attempting to replace them.
  • Fixed an issue where placeables were sometimes spawned in world with 0 HP.
  • Fixed an issue where damaged placeables were repaired on a server restart.

  • Crafting Rough Wraps, Wheels of Pain and Improved Tannery provided disproportionate amounts of XP. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed multiple recipes that did not appear under the feats tab after having learned them from a scroll.
  • Lower tier crafted Eldarium weapons can now be repaired with Master Weapon Repair kits.
  • Fixed an issue where the String of the Legion, the War-Axe of the Legion and the Mace of the Legion would not have the Variable functionality.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the crafting requirements for the Dune Hunter Leggings and Shoes.

  • The use of shields has been revamped:
    • When an attacker hits a blocking character or when a defender blocks an attack with a shield, they may enter a rebound stun state.
    • Blocked attacks now deal stamina damage equal to their base health damage.
    • Whenever a shield blocks an attack, it loses durability. If a shield loses all of its durability as a result of an attack, the defender may enter a shield break stun state.
  • Increased invincibility frame on dodges from 0.2s to 0.4 seconds.
  • Herbal Tea and Honeyed Wine now provide a slight amount of healing.
  • Enemies from the “Bokrug’s Chosen”, “Servants of the Mi-go” and "Denizens of Shaggai” factions and Doels are now immune to poison effects, as intended.
  • Blood Defiler, Bloodless Husk and Blood-Moon Beasts are now immune to bleeding effects.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause charged bow shots to cause less damage than intended after having unlocked the “Flattening Shot” accuracy perk.
  • Non-human AI will now prioritize combo attacks over non-combo attacks.
  • Players can now trigger a dodge to interrupt healing wraps, but only 2.5 seconds into the animation. We are exploring this solution to give players some agency while not devaluing the commitment aspect of using bandages and their relationship to potions. We will continue to test and iterate on this.
  • Attack stamina consumption is now triggered on attack start instead of during the animation. This is to prevent some exploit and desync issues.

  • Fixed an issue where NPC AI, either enemies, followers or bosses, was unresponsive in certain underground locations and dungeons.
  • Fixed pathfinding issues non-playable characters were having in certain dungeons, vaults, and underground locations.
  • Explosive Jars no longer block NPC pathfinding.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would become unresponsive after being ordered to attack a target with the “Attack Nothing” state selected.
  • Fixed an issue where thralls would stop equipping or unequipping weapons under certain circumstances.
  • White horses now rock a white mane, as initially intended. (thank you, Daedalon, for bringing this to our attention)
  • Fixed an issue where the Attack command for followers would reset after a certain amount of time.
  • Neutral NPCs at the Camp of the Castaways can no longer be killed or knocked unconscious under specific cirumstances.
  • The Crew in the Camp of Castaways will now only attack thralls that attack them first.
  • Followers no longer suffer food poisoning when eating raw flesh if they have the raw food item in their diet list.
  • Thralls and followers should no longer teleport on top of the player while climbing, causing overencumbrance, death and general distress. Because that was a tiny bit rude.
  • We also taught the general concept of personal space, especially during these trying times, to thralls and pets. They should no longer teleport or move so close that there’s no secrets anymore between you and your followers.
  • Similarly, followers should no longer overlap with and push your character while on stairs and inclines. Stop it, Mufasa.
  • Fixed a number of issues where Children of Jhil would consistently fail to hit players with their attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with a certain T4 Surge Priest not being able to be KO’d.
  • Shadespiced versions of food can now be used to tame Siptah Rhino variants.
  • Fixed duplicated spawn points of Ignatius the Greedy in the Flotsam.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to the AI hate system that would cause an enemy to bounce back and forth between targets. They should now be more consistent in selecting a valid target and sticking to it.
  • Leashing has been improved and made more gradual. Keeping aggro on an enemy will be harder the further away from the initial leashing zone that enemy is.
  • Specialist thralls are now available in more surge types.
  • Fixed an issue where certain larger creatures could get stuck in a persistent leashing state when trying to return to their spawn point.

  • Stamina system changes:
    • Carried Load no longer increases the cost of stamina consuming actions. This should result in actions being more consistent in their cost.
    • Armor Type no longer increases the cost of some stamina consuming actions such as climbing.
    • Armor Type and Carried Load now modify the rate at which you can regenerate stamina. The values of each armor type and encumbrance level are tweak-able via server settings.
    • Stamina usage can now allow you to go into negative values. While your current stamina value is negative, you are Exhausted.
    • Exhaustion is now removed when your current stamina is greater than 0 instead of being removed when you’ve regenerated your entire bar of stamina.
    • It is no longer possible to dodge when over encumbered.
    • Stamina now regenerates while blocking, but at a much slower rate.
    • New server settings:
      LightArmorStaminaRegenMultiplier, MediumArmorStaminaRegenMultiplier, HeavyArmorStaminaRegenMultiplier, NoLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier, LightLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier ,MediumLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier ,HeavyLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier ,OverLoadStaminaRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaMediumArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaHeavyArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier, StaminaRegenerationTime, StaminaExhaustionTime
  • Differences in stamina consumption between light, medium and heavy armor (*):
  • Light Armour - high stamina regeneration, most affected by over-encumbrance(*).
    • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 3.0 (No load), 5.0 (Light load), 7.0 (Medium load), 9.0 (Heavy load), 18.0 (Overload).
  • Medium Armour - average stamina regeneration, least affected by over-encumbrance.
    • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 5.0 (No load), 5.5 (Light load), 6.0 (Medium load), 6.5 (Heavy load), 13.0 (Overload).
  • Heavy Armour - low stamina regeneration, somewhat affected by over-encumbrance.
    • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 7.0 (No load), 8.0 (Light load), 9.0 (Medium load), 10.0 (Heavy load), 20.0 (Overload).
  • Crafting Eldarium weapons and armor now provides more XP.
  • Chilled Godbreaker now protects less against cold, and normal Godbreaker armor protects less against heat.
  • Insulation values for Debaucheries of Derketo armors have been re-balanced to be similar to other armor sets.
  • Increased expiration timers for Lingering Essence, Human Heart, Heart of a Hero and Unblemished Human Meat.
  • The cost to unlock the Rhino Saddle-Maker feat is now zero, to be consistent with other Saddle-Maker feats.
  • White Rhinoceros Calves now have an expiration timer.
  • Durable Light and Durable Medium sets now provide temperature insulation, as intended.
  • Equipped Warpaints are now lost on death regardless of server settings.
  • Rebalanced Yog’s Touch. This change is intended to bring Yog’s Touch to a point where it offers a unique gameplay style for a 1 handed axe user without being completely overpowered compared to other 1 handed axes in its class:
    • Health Damage changed to 51
    • Armor Penetration changed to 28%
  • Black Hand Boots now provide temperature resistances to heat and cold.
  • Slightly increased the stats of the Black Iron Bulkwark.
  • Adjusted weight values for all armor paddings.
  • Slightly lowered stats for Ancient weapons.
  • Reduced weight of wraps to 0.1. (Infused Wraps still have a weight of 0.58 and it will be adjusted in a future update).
  • The Storm now has no effect on mount endurance by default.
  • The Storm start-up and dissipation time is now 1 minute by default.
  • Re-balanced reward chances and costs of Eldarium recipes: players are now guaranteed a reward when delving an Eldarium item, but the costs of crafting them has increased (from 20 to 50).

  • Fixed an issue where temperature resistance effects wouldn’t affect characters created after the temperature changes update.
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, Storms would stop occurring naturally and couldn’t be forced via console either.
  • Fixed an issue where stamina would drain faster if the player character had been previously in AFK vanity camera mode during the same session.
  • Rejoining a session or exiting the “Gremlin’s Refuge” vault should no longer teleport players outside of the map boundaries.
  • Some items from Eldarium infused sets provided attribute bonuses inconsistent with their descriptions. This has now been fixed.
  • Some crafting tables would not emit light despite being in use. This has now been fixed.
  • The “Command a follower” Journey Step can be completed as intended again.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes blood decals would not be visible on a character’s body after taking damage.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Vault chests to refill their contents if they had been opened previously.
  • DropBackpackonDeath and DropShortcutbarOnDeath have been removed from server settings as they are obsolete. They should no longer appear in new servers.
  • Leyshrine Brazier inventories can now utilize all 5 slots.
  • Bisons on the Isle of Siptah now drop heads when harvested.
  • Repair hammers and skinning knives - including the Jhebbal Sag and Derketo tools - now display in the weapon display racks.
  • Graceful Night legendary weapon now drops with full durability.
  • Hammer of Thag now correctly provides bonus strength.
  • Khari weapons now correctly grant the intended bonus attributes.
  • Removed xx_Simms_Kopesh from the admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping Blinsidght head armor wouldn’t show on the player character.
  • Crafter Thralls should no longer disappear from their Workstations upon session rejoin.
  • Endowment, Chest, and Breast sliders are now accessible in the character re-customization through the Orb of Nergal.
  • “Antidote of One” perk should now be applied to the correct buffs.

  • Fixed a number of visual imperfections in the Leyshrine of Birdmen and the Leyshrine of the Demon.
  • A certain note located in a small cave in the Northwoods couldn’t be interacted with. This has now been fixed.
  • Addressed a visual imperfection in the Arms of Stone Vault Dial.
  • Fixed a visual glitch on the large trees within the Jungle Biome.

  • Fixed an issue that made the wrong particle effects play when hitting certain objects with certain weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that let players visually hit themselves.
  • Fixed an issue where some Vault cinematic would appear greyed out.

  • We fed some of our #spellchekker team members to the Elder Siege monsters to set an example. As a result, the surviving members took notice and voluntarily fixed a number of typos and grammar mistakes.
  • Eldarium-infused armor pieces were missing keywords indicating their grade. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a number of issues with some icons not showing in the Info UI screen.
  • Many Epic items had placeholder icons. This has now been addressed.
  • Generalized the information about temperature damage displayed in the Character’s stats screen.
  • The Epic Reptilian Chestpiece and Gauntlets had swapped their icons. This has now been fixed.
  • Removed Epic borders from regular versions of the Marksman’s set.
  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions of some crafting benches were cut-off in the Crafting and Feats tabs.
  • Fixed missing Epic frames on certain Epic Eldarium-infused Armor pieces.
  • Specific Improved workstations were missing a “Low Craft Time” keyword. This has now been fixed.
  • Demon-Fire orb and Gas orb now have damage values shown in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where Feats taught by Grandmaster Tanner had incomplete descriptions.
  • Fixed a number of placeholder text issues in the description of certain workstations.
  • Corrected keyword on the Practice Great Sword.
  • Fixed misleading keyword of Flotsam Awning pieces.
  • Added missing Diseased keyword to the Diseased Knives.
  • Blood-Moon Beast now has the correct boss health frame.
  • Fixed an issue where Sigils from certain Vaults had swapped names.
  • Eldarium Ingots are now marked as High Grade tier in their keyword.
  • Changed the Elder Constructions feat icon.
  • Wildlife Siptah Tiger Alpha now has a miniboss health bar frame.
  • Fixed missing keywords on the Blindsight armor piece.
  • Corrected inconsistency in the Rhino Travel Heavy Saddle description.
  • The Maelstrom Rhino feat is now visible in the Survival tab of the Feats screen.
  • Added clarification in the description of items from the Elder Construction feat.
  • Updated the long description of Brittle Edge.
  • Addressed an inconsistency in the description of Diseased Spike.
  • Addressed an inconsistency in the descriptions of non-Epic versions of Eldarium weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where player map and death markers would show in out of boundaries location when being inside of certain Vaults.
  • Addressed misleading descriptions for all endgame Vault crafted legendaries.
  • Perfected Paddings had placeholder icons in their Info section. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a number of placeholder icons in the admin panel item list.
  • Fixed missing translations in names and descriptions of Rhino Saddles’ recipes.
  • Streaming mode now also hides the FuncomID.
  • All new crafting tables should have their correct icons now.
  • “Isle of Siptah” and “Exiled Lands” are now localized in the Map Name drop-down selection in the Server Browser.

  • Updated the sound FX for Leyshrine lever pull reactions.
  • Modified Isle of Siptah music so it can be properly Modded.
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