Official servers: Avatars and summer decay settings are back on PC!

Posted on July 1st, 2020 03:48 AM EST
Greetings Exiles!

The time has come! Avatars are coming back to PC official servers, so get ready to engage in new besieging tactics by summoning your favorite deity and striking your enemy where it hurts.

We’ve released fixes and improvements to the avatar system that address some of its major issues, so improve your altars, get your high tier priests ready and prepare to smash your way through your enemies’ defenses with either Ymir, Mitra, Derketo, Set, Yog or Jhebbal Sag. Each avatar brings its own play-style of destruction, so use them wisely and tactically adapt to the dynamic conditions of each battlefield!

We are planning to enable avatars, on all PC official servers, on Thursday, July 2nd.
Please note that this change might apply after each server has restarted and it might be delayed on some servers depending on network conditions.

We are also doubling decay timers on all official servers. Summer time is here, and you might have plans to spend some quality time with your loved ones. On July 2nd, decay timers will be doubled to 14 days. We will announce at least one week in advance when this change will be reverted.

We hope you have an excellent time during this summer, either in the Exiled lands or outside! Stay safe!
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