Weeklong Funcom Steam Sale!

Posted on February 24th, 2020 01:03 PM EST

Happy Monday, all! We're starting this week off right with a week long sale for all Funcom games! From NOW until next Monday, March 2nd, you have the opportunity to check out our other marvelous games such as the cosmic horror Moons of Madness, or roam the Exiled Lands on your mighty stead in Conan Exiles for a discounted price.

You'll find all DLCs discounted as well! Continue traversing the post apocalyptic lands with Dux and the gang in Mutant Year Zero's DLC, Seeds of Evil. Or expand your world in Age of Conan through the Hyborian Conqueror Collection. You'll find DLCs for Secret World Legends and Anarchy Online discounted too.

Check out sales here:

Conan Exiles 50% off
Moons of Madness 30% off
Conan Unconquered 40% off
The Park 50% off
Mutant Year Zero 50% off

The Longest Journey 60% off

See all listed games here!
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