Banter & Blades

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Location Canada
Platform Windows
Map The Exiled Lands
Registered by Banter
Registered since March 4th, 2024 02:27 PM EST
Last update March 5th, 2024 03:55 PM EST
Last wipe March 4th, 2024 12:00 AM CET
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About This Server

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Banter & Blades Calls Forth Warriors of Wit and Will!

Hark, O Valiant Souls!

Venture forth into the wild, wondrous realms of "Banter & Blades," where the ground quakes under the weight of our battles and our laughter shakes the very heavens. 'Tis a land where XP flows as freely as the ale in our taverns, and resources are as bountiful as the tales of our glory.

Why Cast Your Banner With Us?

Bounteous Lands:
Feast upon an 8x harvest and experience bounty, where castles rise as swiftly as the sun and empires are forged before it sets.

Glory and Gold Await:
Brace for blood-pumping weekly events, lay siege to your neighbor's sandcastle, and plunder secrets older than the gods themselves. And aye, we rain treasures upon thee with hourly airdrops, ensuring every hero's purse grows heavy.

The Freedom of the Wilds:
Build your stronghold wherever your heart desires, for in Banter & Blades, the world is your oyster, and we've tossed aside the shucking knife! Siptah's finest gear, scattered across the lands, awaits your grasping hands.

A Band of Merry Barbarians:
We are brothers and sisters in arms, united by our thirst for adventure, our penchant for jest, and, admittedly, our occasional need to respawn. Here, your valor and humor forge the path to immortality. Our Sacred Scrolls (a.k.a. The Rules of Engagement):

Honor Above All:
We duel with dignity, toast to our triumphs, and even in our darkest hour of defeat, we tip our hats to the adversary.

The Art of Banter:
Sharpen thy tongue alongside thy blade. A well-placed jest can be as devastating as a warhammer to the kneecap. But fear not; our skin is as thick as our skulls. Build High, Build Mighty: No plot of land is forbidden, no horizon too distant. Erect thy abode with pride and a dash of madness - for what is a home without a trapdoor or two?

A Triad of Treasures:
Our lands are enriched by three sacred mods - Less Building Restrictions, for your architectural ambitions; ModLoader, the keeper of order; and Pippi, to spice up your life with a bit of magic. Raid With Glee, Not Grief: Should your domicile crumble under the might of a rival, raise your flagon, not your fists, in salute. Then plot, plan, and rebuild. Such is the circle of life (and death) in our hallowed grounds.
Hearken! Join Our Ranks! Should your heart beat to the drum of battle, your spirit soar with the eagles of strategy, and your laughter roar louder than the fiercest lion, then 'tis your destiny to join us. Cast aside the mundane shackles of your former life and step into a world where your story will be sung for ages to come.

Gather at Our Hearth:
Wander no more in solitude! Our Discord awaits: Here, you shall find kinship, counsel, and perhaps a rival or two to keep your blade sharp and your wit sharper.

Welcome to Banter & Blades, where your adventure is just beginning, and your legend will never die. Join us, and let us conquer these lands with the strength of our arms and the sharpness of our tongues!