Lunar Eclipse (18+/RP/Dice)

Server Information
Hostname Lunar Eclipse (RP, 18+, Dice, Conan Lore)
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 22 / 70
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map The Exiled Lands
Registered by chch
Registered since July 5th, 2022 12:38 PM EST
Last update September 13th, 2022 01:23 PM EST
Tag(s) Community Hardcore PvP Roleplaying

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About This Server

You are invited to Lunar Eclipse, a Heavy RP, Dice Based PvP, Non-Consent/Fade to Black Friendly Server.
Our latest season has started as of 9/12/2022

Server Lore: Server Lore: Our lore is basically Conan Plus. It's based on Conan lore, but we have alot of our own custom additions, mixes and changes.

Lunar Eclipse is comprised of Administrators and Players who wished to tell stories and grow together as a community! We have friendly staff ready to tell stories and make wonderful roleplay with our players.

This is a roleplay first server! This means story and story development, is more important than any Mechanical PvP, PvE, Farming, and ERP.

Here is some of what our server offers:
• A strict meta policy that keeps in character and out of character actions and motivations to a minimum.
• A dice-based character building system using Roleplay Redux. Build and create your character according
to your imagination. Min/Maxing is discouraged.
• Quest based character development system.
• A Dark Fantasy world that inspires both storytelling and adrenaline, even in the most mundane of tasks.
• Administrator monitored and scheduled raids that are objective based, and limit the amount of wanton
destruction. Aggressors and Defenders have a say in the scheduling times for such monumental events.
Along with DM'd events and rituals to help progress personal character story!
• a unique magic system, types of magic coming from different sources. Not all kinds of spells, rituals, and
magic is the same as another.
• Server wide events, led by master storytellers, that can determine the fate of everyone trapped in the
• A monarchy system, based on region, that inspires roleplay, conflict, alliances, and problem solving to
earn and maintain.
• Custom classes and advanced specializations to further develop and expand a character’s abilities and
• An active Administrator and Moderator team, willing to answer questions, concerns, and arbitrate
• A character registration, and application system designed to help players to truly consider their
character’s backstories, strengths, and weaknesses prior to entering the world.
• Lore based upon the Howard’s works, and official publications such as “Faith and Fervor”, “Return to the
Road of Kings”, "Mongoose", and "Marvel Comics."
• Server Lore heavily influenced by character choice and actions, and carries over from season to season.
• Hubs with all crafting devices, thralls, class trainers, and a tavern to help beginning players find roleplay
at a central location.
• Uses Indrid's Custom Races and Classes to increase player survivability and effectiveness in higher
difficulty content.
• A Custom Cave System to aid with fast travel without mitigating the risk of moving from one point to the
next. Do you risk the sewers for a faster arrival, or travel overland wasting precious time?
• Starter kits for new characters; including a level 60 boost for survivability.

Server Information: Server Information:
Map: Exiled Lands
Max Size: 70
Server Location: North America EST
Text-based, English-speaking
Purges/Avatars disabled
PvP Diced Based. Mechanical PvP if both parties agree.