Paragonia Kingdom Warfare RP

Paragonia Kingdom Warfare RP
Hostname Paragonia Kingdom Warfare Roleplay - Heavy RP/PvP - Siptah - 1.5xp
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 5 / 20
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map The Isle of Siptah
Registered by Paragon
Registered since September 14th, 2020 03:43 PM EST
Last update September 15th, 2020 05:26 PM EST
Tag(s) Community PvP Roleplaying

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Here is where you'll find:

Event Info
IC/OOC communications

It is REQUIRED BEFORE you create your character (RP names only). That, in compliment with active moderation is the reason I am not enforcing a whitelist. So, please, respect this rule so we can keep the server open and more roleplayers can find a home.

PvP is only open on weekends and raiding is only for certain hours within PvP times. If you are joining this server as a PvP'er, look elsewhere. PvP is meant to be the threat instead of just farming bosses. I've found that people react more realistically as their character if they feel like they have a lot to lose, even if they WIN the war, it can come at great cost. It encourages alliances, sabotage, and stealth, or pacifism. NO GRIEFING WILL BE TOLERATED! Think Game of Thrones betrayal garden combined with Game of Thrones' full scale battles and shifting factional allegiances. Paragonia is a place where even a band of sell-swords can make or break kings.

Paragonia seeks to build a community for adults who are looking for something with as much role-play immersion as possible, something with a backbone of lore that doesn't require one to read 40 years of novels and comics, but instead is forged by our players over time. Something that is accessible and fair to ALL of our players. We want to be a server with high stakes, but not because of an imaginary demon that compels cooperation, but because of the real demons within us that compel us to compete.

Will you be a travelling merchant? Will you build a city and convince people to accept you as lord in exchange for shelter and protection? Do you seek world domination? To live in seclusion and ponder the mysteries? An adventurer who sells his treasures for profit? Perhaps a humble innkeep? Build a mighty temple to your god? The world of Paragonia is your's to create, conquer, or destroy.

The major events you all create will be recorded in a living document on the Discord. No matter how old the server gets or even if we wipe someday in the distant future, the deeds of the exiles will be forever. I want this not to be community-driven, but community-made. I want an invested, mature group of roleplayers who can finally find that place to call home and be free (even to fight sometimes) but to rest assured that the rules will be enforced and ROLEPLAY will always come first.

So join our Discord and ask Paragon any questions you might have about the server! Welcome home, exile!