Sexy / Skimpy Armors full PVP 3Xharvest More T4Thralls NEW Server 20.02.2020 PC

Hostname Sexy / Skimpy Armors full PVP 3Xharvest More T4Thralls NEW Serv
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 2 / 10
Location Poland
Platform Windows
Map The Exiled Lands
Registered by Simon
Registered since March 10th, 2020 01:49 PM EST
Last update March 10th, 2020 01:49 PM EST
Tag(s) BattlEye Community Relaxed

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If you looking for a new server with some sexy armors, little higher gathering rate, mildly increase of T4 Thralls,and PVE RP only is boring to you then I invite you to this new server.

server adress -

You can RP, PVP and raid here - destroying buildings is enabled. So have fun as you like it. (just do not kill on sight low level players…).

Everyone is welcome! - you will receive welcoming gift for easier start!
Settings like official PVP except:
3 x gathering
0,3 Thrall converting time (who wants to wait >12 hours for T4???)
0,5 Idle hungry and thirsty (come on noone likes to leave char for a while only to find it drop dead later)
0 - offline hunger and thirst

It should be pretty good for solo players due to those rates and mods like:

Tier 4 Thralls - Mild Increased Spawn - v5.6.3

All Mods with short explanation listed below:

Shaved Female (May 2018) (visual only) (they stll have hair on their heads :wink:

CharEditLite - you got bored how you char look like? now you can change his/her appearance!

Fashionist v3.2.0 (1.0 and DLC compatible) - you really like the look of that armor but stats are crap? now you can look like you wear anything! (but you must get that armor first…)

PRN_NPCEquipmentLoot - did you ever killed a thrall that has a cool weapon and you were surprised he did not drop it? now Thralls drop the equipment that they are using! It is really immersive

Lust Goddess Armor Set - cool looking armor (there is fashionist, remember? :wink:

Seductive Derketo Priests - (after it is god of lust :slight_smile:

Conspirator Armor - cool armor (skyrim inspired)

Tier 4 Thralls - Mild Increased Spawn - v5.6.3 - are you tired of endless grinding T4 Thralls? I bet you are as I am, 10-20% chance - still not granted but you will not be praying to RNG Gods any longer :wink:

Sexy Silent Legion Armor - cool armor

Bikini Armors - you know that for female armor less is more? :wink: skimpy armors set

GreekAquilonian Armors - 300 movie inspired armor set (less is more :wink:

Barbarism and armors - even more armors

Exposed Armor HD - Released 2018! - skimpified armors from the game (less is more, remember)

100 Level no attribute - are you tired of endlesly changing perks even after reaching 60 level? now you can earn much more of them (attributes and legendary chests stays the same so no OP)

Crassus - you would like to express your dark self? Show the grimness of your castle? Now you can put your enemies heads on spikes, whole bodies on spikes, crucify them - to strike the fear into the heart of your enemies… (hm I might get carried away :wink:

More_dances_for_the_dancers - after so many hours of playing i got bored of their default dance.

PermPaint - Body paint last till you die - so now It is more worth to be used.

Stoja’s Warpaints - tattoo looking bodypaint, just for the look

Pippi mod - welcoming gofts added (Steel Pickaxe, Sickle, 2 Reinforcing kits and a backpack.)

High heels

Faster elevators

(armor mods are for visuals as they do not have any OP specs)

So once again I welcome all who are looking for that kind of a server. See you ingame.

server adress -

If you do have any question do not hesitate to ask me here on in game.

2 Online Players

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