Game of Thrones 18+ EU-1-9/PVE/Little-bit-PVP AoC/Lvl300

Game of Thrones 18+ EU-1-9/PVE/Little-bit-PVP AoC/Lvl300
Hostname Game of Thrones 18+ EU-7-12/PVE/LightPVP/AoC/Lvl350
Status Checked 1 minute ago
Players 2 / 20
Location Europe
Platform Windows
Map The Exiled Lands
Registered by vincie1992
Registered since September 12th, 2019 02:34 PM EST
Last update October 23rd, 2019 08:00 AM EST
Last wipe September 1st, 2019 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) BattlEye Community PvE PvP Relaxed Roleplaying

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Direct connection:

Hello Amazing Exiles!

We are very happy that we can announce that we have our own PVE-PVP server! :grin:

Most settings are at x1
Crafting time x0.3
Crafting time thralls and pets x0.3
Fuelburn time x0.5
Harvest and Xp are set to x3
Stamina x0.5
Durability multiplier x0.5
Hunger and Thirst x0.5
Player Damage is ON!
No Decay!
No Gods!
No Building Damage!
No Drop On Death!
No Wipes!

Our rank system.
Level 1-29 Exile
Level 30-59 Apprentice
Level 60-99 Journeyman
Level 100-199 Expert
Level 200-299 Master
Level 300 Legend
Visit Balthazor at the maproom to claim your rank.

@The Night's Watch - Visit Koral in 12-C
@House Stark - Visit Bran Stark in 12-E
@House Arryn - Visit Robert Arryn in 12-A
@House Targaryen - Visit Daenerys Targaryen in 7/8-B
@House Lannister - Visit Cersei Lannister in 5-G
@House Tyrell - Visit Mace Tyrell in 7-K
@House Greyjoy - Visit Balon V Greyjoy in 6-O
@House Martell - Visit Doran Martell in 5/6-O
@House Baratheon - Visit Renly Baratheon in 3-F

Available Kits.

New player - Starter kit for new players
RP - Emotions for RP players
Apprentice - Steel tools and weapons + Upgrade
Journeyman - Hardened steel tools and weapons + Upgrade
Expert - Star Metal tools and weapons + Upgrade
Master - Eivirium tools and weapons + Upgrade
Legend - Kronyx tools and weapons + Upgrade
$$VIP$$ - Special kit for donating for the server

Available TP commands.

/tpr (playersname)
/tpa (to accept the TP)
/sethome (to set your home location)
/home (to TP to your home location)
/return (to return to your last location before you used home)

Available Warps.

/warp market
/warp maproom
/warp tavern
/warp arena
/warp dsouth
/warp dnorth
/warp dcenter
/warp deast
/warp dwest

Change your conan coins into pippi coins.
500 conan coins = 1 pippi coin
Type /convert gold (amount)
Type /convert silver (amount)
Or you can visit Salis in the market ^^

To pay another player type: /pay (character name) (amount) (coin type)

We hope you enjoy it here.


Game of Thrones Team

Current mod list

Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.2.7 Mod ID-880454836
Pickup+ Mod ID-864199675
Emberlight 2.0.8 Mod ID-1369802940
ExilesExtreme - v1.4.47 Mod ID-933782986
RP Aesthetics (RA) Mod ID-1542041983
Conan Sexiles 3.1.4 Mod ID-1206493209
Fashionist v3.0.2 (1.0 and DLC compatible) Mod ID-1159180273
WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles Mod ID-1402835318
IMMERSE RP: Placables Decor Mod ID-1763829520
Glass Constructions and more... Mod ID-901911361
The Age of Calamitous Mod ID-1113901982
Thrall War Dungeon Mod Mod ID-1326031593
Improved Quality of Life Mod ID-1657730588
Exiled lands improved Mod ID-1456186728
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh Mod ID-1629644846
LitMan Weight Mod ID-1341544207
LitMan Item Stack & Container Size Mod ID-1125427722
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) Mod ID-1734383367

2 Online Players

Nightveil22, boesesBiesti