The Exiles Haven [18+, Heavy RP Community]

Address Private Server
Hostname Tiddyless Women
Status Checked 2 hours ago / Online 39 days ago
Players 0 / 10
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map The Exiled Lands
Registered by Tasaria
Registered since February 2nd, 2019 06:35 PM EST
Last update February 2nd, 2019 06:38 PM EST
Tag(s) BattlEye Community PvE Relaxed

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Conan Exiles is a dark, gritty, low fantasy setting that we have all come to know and love. Together, we want to welcome you to join us in creating and maintaining a roleplay community that is lasting and enjoyable.

We are a Conan Exiles roleplay server completely dedicated to storytelling and amazing character development. It is our goal to create a place with roleplay in mind first and foremost. With plans to create server stories that enhance both personal and community roleplay, we here at The Exiles Haven, have set a goal with storytelling in mind.

PvP, and even PvE will always come second, and third, to roleplay. Quests, dungeons, stories and complete roleplay hubs are in the works, with the hubs nearing completion, all with the community and their enjoyment in mind.

Our server is run by a group of real-life friends with a passion for writing and content creation. We are here, not only to create fantastical roleplay experiences for ourselves but hopefully for you as well.

We would like to welcome you to our community. Pop in, say hi, let’s create cool things. Together.

[Optional auto-boost to level 60]
[Accelerated gathering and EXP till March 1st, 2019]

Server Basic Info
Name of Server: The Exiles Haven [18+, Heavy RP Community]
PVE or PVP? RP, with -very- light PvP
Age Restrictions: 18+
Location of Server: NA - New York City
Server Capacity: 30
Discord Server:
Password or Open: Server is password protected

Server Settings
As a welcome to all new players, the Admin team has decided to boost the EXP rate, as well as the gathering rate, for the first month of opening. Think of it as a welcome to our place, and thanks for being here!

The following settings will be in place until March 1, 2019.

XP rate: 8x (Normal 5x)
Gathering Rate: 8x (Normal 5x)
Day/Night Ratio: 2:1
Hunger/Thirst settings: Low hunger, low thirst
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
The Purge Activated: No
((Purge activation is possible if errors are corrected by Mod Devs.))

Server Mods
Mod Collection:

Mod List:
No Building Placement Restrictions Overlaps
Unlock +
Savage Steel
Exiled Lands Improved
RP Aesthetic
Conan Sexiles
Thrall Wars
Warrior Mutator
Age of Calamitous

Extra Info
Does your server have an application process?
Yes! We are currently running a rather small application in order to be granted access to the server. It is small, mostly a basic character description and example emote post. We know that this can be a bit of a turn off for some, but we feel it is necessary to ensure we are bringing in members of the roleplay community with the same ideas and goals in mind. You would have to botch the very easy application pretty badly in order to be denied. Stop by, check it out. Ask the mods/admins if you have any questions.

What lore does your server use?
For the most part, we have stuck to the lore provided to us by R. E. Howard and what little there is in the actual game, Conan Exiles. You were either banished/exiled to these lands for a crime or transgression you committed or, you were born here because one of your parents was banished/exiled.

The addition of the mod Age of Calamitous gives us the addition of Elves and Vaghouls. We have a small spin on the lore to add them in. It does not change anything, only adds a small snippet to the existing lore. The additions are further explained in our Discord and any questions you have about them can be answered there.

We also have the ability to play as Werewolves on our server, the race simply being the devout and blessed followers of Jhebbal Sag. There is additional information on our Discord around the ins and outs of being a Werewolf on our server, and, as before, your question can be answered there as well.

What do the server rules look like?
Our server rules list is rather long. And while it may take a small moment to get through, it is with the utmost importance that we push them at you. They are there to ensure the environment as a whole is clear, concise, and comfortable for everyone who decides to call our server home. Our rules are not meant to hinder others, but to enhance and lift the community up without room for loopholes and snake-like behaviors.