Hyborian Exiled Legion Wipe 3/13 PvPvE - 5x XP - 5x G - 2x Craft Speed Weekend - Offline Raid Protection - No Avatars - Active Admin

Hyborian Exiled Legion Wipe 3/13 PvPvE - 5x XP - 5x G - 2x


Hostname Hyborian Exiled Legion Wipe 3/14 PvPvE - 5x all - 2x Crafting -
Status Online Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 6 / 70
Location United States of America United States of America
Platform Windows
Map The Exiled Lands
Website https://discord.gg/S9YJ7mv
Registered by Magic45
Registered since February 23rd, 2017 11:15 PM EST
Last update March 21st, 2017 05:29 PM EST
Last wipe March 14th, 2017 05:14 AM CET
Tag(s) BattlEye Community PvE Relaxed

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Uptime 100%
Vote(s) 56
Rank 10
Score 86
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6 Online Players

[SeC8] Makin_You_Pay, Trevelyn, Pablo, Falgar-Sama, CainII


IP for Direct Connect: If you need help with anything join our Discord, the admin and community will help you out. Server Discord https://discord.gg/S9YJ7mv

Server wipe 3/14

Welcome to Hyborian Exiled Legion.

Offline raid protection Monday-Friday (12 midnight PST - 1 PM PST) Saturday/Sunday (no building damage 12 midnight PST - 9 AM PST)

How to join?

Steam Connect IP for Direct Connect:
Click on the Direct Connect in the lower left hand side of the server search in Conan Exiles. Paste the IP address and join server! Don't forget to favorite the server by searching for it by name and clicking favorite.

Server Information

No admin abuse and a dedicated server for your enjoyment! Admin abuse sucks and ruins the gameplay for everyone. I only have 1 admin, me. No others have admin access. The only time I will use admin powers is to check the map, research an issue with players claiming exploits or other in game work-arounds and to create the admin event areas. Server is kept up to date and will auto-update whenever Funcom releases a patch. This is to ensure the server is always online.


No flaming or insulting others, be respectful and understanding with eachother.
Cheating / bugging / glitching / exploiting is forbidden. Taking advantage of bugs, cheating and/or glitches will result in a permanent BAN.
No unraidable bases. Your Bases need to be accessible at all times. This means: Only T2 with T2 or T3 with T3. NO Destruction of Stairs or Placing T3 Doorways after T1 foundations or ceilings. It is not allowed to repair or replace damaged Structures like walls or doorways as long as a raid is active. For example, as long as you are fighting you are not allowed to do these things cause, you would be able to be unraidable. If the raider makes a mistake, that is on the raider(s). An example of this would be if they blow out T2 stairs because of poorly placed explosives. Owner CAN repair after the raid attempt was stopped and then needs to replace stairs.

Don't be a dick in chat or to people you kill or have killed you. PvP is always on.

Try not to destroy beds when raiding no foundation wipes are allowed.
No griefing players with excessive killing (when they have nothing and naked), or continous raiding of the same person over and over. Killing and camping newbie area is GRIEFING. Please give them some time to rebuild if they decide to stay in the same spot.
NO LAG, NO DICKS (character dicks allowed), NO BULLSHIT. No griefing allowed. Enjoy the game and the community that we are trying to grow.

Server Discord https://discord.gg/S9YJ7mv